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Athlete Breakdown: Who is Morgan Pearson?

Triathlete Morgan Pearson’s Olympic journey is a testament to the epitome of dedication and excellence in the realm of elite sports. From his formative years in New Jersey to the global stage of the Summer Olympics, Pearson’s trajectory is one laced with triumphs and challenges that have shaped his athletic prowess.

As he navigates the demanding terrain of the Men’s Triathlon event, the unfolding chapters of Pearson’s quest for Olympic glory offer a glimpse into the resilience and unwavering determination that underscore his pursuit of sporting greatness.

  • Age: Born in 1993, which makes him 30 years old.
  • Height: Morgan Pearson is 1.8 meters tall, which is also 5,9 feet.
  • Nationality: USA

Triathlon Career

Morgan Pearson’s triathlon career is marked by notable achievements. This includes a silver medal in the mixed relay event at the 2020 Summer Olympics and a bronze at the 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama. His journey has seen him secure a silver medal at Leeds, qualifying for the Olympics, and face tough challenges like the heat and humidity during races.


In his impressive triathlon career, Pearson has competed in numerous challenging races at both the national and international levels, showcasing his endurance and skill in the sport. Here is a glimpse of some of the notable races Morgan Pearson has participated in:

Race Location Result
ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton, Canada 5th place
Tokyo ITU World Olympic Qualification Event Tokyo, Japan 3rd place
Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon Hamburg, Germany 2nd place

These races have not only tested Pearson’s physical capabilities but have also highlighted his determination and competitive spirit on the triathlon circuit. Pearson’s consistent performance in these events has solidified his reputation as a top contender in the world of triathlon.

As a young athlete

During his formative years as an athlete, Morgan Pearson honed his skills in various disciplines, laying the foundation for his future success in triathlon. Growing up in New Vernon, Harding Township, Pearson transitioned from swimming to distance running, starting his journey as a swimmer at the Berkeley Aquatic Club.

He attended Delbarton School, where he began competing in cross-country and track and field, eventually achieving seven-time All-American status during his collegiate years at the University of Colorado. Pearson’s dedication and passion for sports were evident early on, as he immersed himself in the world of athletics, setting the stage for his remarkable achievements in triathlon later in life.


As Morgan Pearson’s athletic career continues to flourish, his sponsorship partnerships play a pivotal role in supporting his journey to the pinnacle of triathlon success.

Pearson has garnered significant support from leading brands in the sports industry, aligning himself with companies that share his values of excellence, dedication, and perseverance. These sponsors not only provide financial backing but also offer invaluable resources such as cutting-edge training equipment, nutritional support, and access to top-tier coaching staff.

Race Results

Morgan Pearson’s race results reflect his dedication and skill in the world of triathlon, showcasing his competitive spirit and perseverance on the international stage. Pearson’s impressive achievements include winning a silver medal in the mixed relay event at the 2020 Summer Olympics and securing a bronze medal at the 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama.

Additionally, he earned a silver medal at Leeds, which qualified him for the 2020 Summer Olympics, where he finished 42nd overall in the Men’s Triathlon event. Pearson faced challenging running conditions during the competition but demonstrated resilience in overcoming tough heat and humidity. Despite receiving a 15-second penalty at Transition 2, Pearson’s performance highlights his talent and determination in the world of triathlon.


In conclusion, Morgan Pearson’s impressive triathlon career has been defined by his unwavering commitment to excellence and resilience in the face of elite competition. With seven-time All-American distinctions and notable accomplishments such as a silver medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Pearson’s athletic prowess is undeniable.

One interesting statistic that stands out is his bronze medal at the 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama, showcasing his consistent success on the international stage.

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