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FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins Review

swim fins for children

Comparable to a trusty compass guiding a sailor through uncharted waters, the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins offer young swimmers a path to improved performance in the pool.

But do these fins truly live up to the hype, or are they just another flashy addition to the swim gear repertoire?

Stay tuned to uncover the untold secrets behind these swim fins and discover how they can revolutionize your child's swimming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Designed for swimmers 8-12 to improve technique and kicking.
  • Natural rubber fins that float, promoting proper body position.
  • Comfortable open-toe design ideal for young swimmers transitioning.
  • Positive customer feedback on durability, design, and effectiveness.

Product Overview

The FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins are innovative swimming aids designed to enhance the kicking technique and body positioning of young swimmers aged 8-12. Made of natural rubber that floats, these fins assist in lifting the legs to promote proper body alignment in the water.

Their open-toe design prevents chafing, ensuring a comfortable fit for young swimmers. Ideal for transitioning from the FINIS Fishtail 2 swim fins, these fins are crafted to improve technique and teach efficient kicking for forward movement.

With a focus on technique enhancement and comfort, these fins provide young swimmers with the support they need to develop their skills in the water effectively.

Features and Benefits

Enhancing young swimmers' kicking technique and body positioning, the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins feature innovative design elements for optimal performance in the water. Constructed from natural rubber that floats, these fins assist in elevating the legs, encouraging the correct body alignment while swimming.

The open-toe design not only prevents chafing but also ensures a snug and comfortable fit for young swimmers aged 8-12. Transitioning from the FINIS Fishtail 2 swim fins is seamless with these fins, as they're specifically designed to aid in technique improvement and teach proper kicking for propulsion.

With these swim fins, kids can experience enhanced swim lessons, improved comfort, and a boost in overall swimming performance, making them an essential tool for young swimmers looking to excel in the water.

Technical Specifications

Boosting young swimmers' performance and technique refinement, the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins boast specific technical specifications geared towards enhancing their swimming experience. These swim fins come in an item package with dimensions of 16.02 x 8.86 x 2.76 inches and weigh 0.49 kilograms. The fins themselves measure 3.15 x 9.06 x 16.54 inches and weigh 1 pound.

They're designed in an attractive orange color (Jr 11-1) and are made of durable plastic. Suitable for unisex-adult users, the package includes two fins. Manufactured by Finis, Inc., the model number is, with a model year of 2018. The style is denoted as Orange, and the size is Kids 11-1, specifically for the sport of swimming.

Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 949 ratings, customers have overwhelmingly praised the durability and effectiveness of the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins for young swimmers. Users have commended the fins for their ability to improve swimming technique and promote proper body positioning due to the natural rubber construction that aids in leg elevation.

Many reviewers have highlighted the comfortable fit provided by the open-toe design, preventing chafing during extended use. Customers also appreciate the seamless transition from the FINIS Fishtail 2 swim fins, making them an ideal choice for young swimmers looking to advance their skills.

Purchase Feedback

Amidst a plethora of customer reviews highlighting the durability and effectiveness of the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins, the purchase feedback section provides avenues for customers to share their experiences regarding price matching and reporting lower prices.

  1. Customers can provide feedback on price matching to ensure they receive the best deal.
  2. Options are available for reporting lower prices found either online or in-store.
  3. A dedicated section allows customers to share their feedback on pricing, helping others make informed decisions.


In conclusion, the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins are a game-changer for young swimmers looking to improve their technique and propulsion in the water.

With their natural rubber construction, comfortable open-toe design, and ability to enhance body positioning, these swim fins are a must-have for swimmers aged 8-12.

Overall, the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins are a reliable and effective tool for young athletes looking to take their swimming skills to the next level.

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