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Athlete Breakdown: Who Alice Betto?

Step into the world of triathlon and you may have come across the name Alice Betto. A familiar figure in the realm of endurance sports, Betto’s journey is one that intrigues many. With a string of victories and a relentless pursuit of excellence, her approach to training and competition sets her apart.

But what exactly fuels her drive? What are the secrets behind her success? Let’s explore the depths of Alice Betto’s triathlon career and uncover the elements that make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of endurance sports.

Triathlon Career

Alice Betto’s triathlon career is filled with remarkable achievements and steady progress. From her early success in international competitions to securing podium finishes at Elite World Cup races, Betto has consistently proven her competitiveness and skill.

Her journey in the triathlon world showcases not only her talent but also her dedication to excelling in the sport.


With a challenging course that tested athletes’ all-around skills, the recent triathlon race in Brasilia showcased intense competition among top triathletes, including Alice Betto. Betto clinched her first World Cup victory, proving her elite status in the triathlon world. The race saw Katie Zaferes securing the second spot and Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal claiming the bronze, highlighting the fierce competition Betto faced. The event, featuring a 1500m swim, a demanding bike segment, and a tough run, pushed athletes to their limits. Approximately 20 competitors rode together during the six-lap bike course, creating a dynamic and competitive race environment. This race was a true test of skill and determination for Betto and her fellow elite triathletes.

Athlete Placement
Alice Betto 1st
Katie Zaferes 2nd
Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal 3rd

As a young athlete

During her formative years as a young triathlete, Betto swiftly rose through the ranks of elite competition. Starting at the Elite level since 2010, she made her mark early on with a top 10 finish in the U23 World Championships held in Budapest.

Betto’s determination and talent were evident as she secured her first Elite World Cup podium in 2013 at Alicante. Despite narrowly missing a World Series podium in London, Betto persevered and achieved her first World Triathlon Series (WTS) podium in Leeds in 2017. These milestones not only showcased her potential but also highlighted her ability to compete at the highest levels of triathlon.

Betto’s journey as a young athlete was marked by consistent growth, unwavering dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With each race, she solidified her place among the elite in the triathlon world, setting the stage for a promising career ahead.


Amidst her journey as a young athlete, the factor of age now becomes a noteworthy aspect in Alice Betto’s thriving triathlon career. At 34 years old in 2022, Betto defies the notion that age hinders performance in triathlons. Her experience and maturity as a seasoned athlete contribute significantly to her success in the sport.

Despite being in her mid-thirties, Betto continues to compete at a high level, showcasing her dedication and fitness. Age hasn’t been a limiting factor for Betto; instead, it has become a testament to her resilience and determination. Through years of hard work and training, Betto has honed her skills, proving that age is just a number when it comes to triathlon.

Her consistent performances highlight that with perseverance and passion, one can excel in the sport regardless of age. Betto’s achievements serve as inspiration for aspiring triathletes, demonstrating that age should never deter one from pursuing their athletic dreams.


Alice Betto’s height of 1.70 meters plays a significant role in her triathlon performance, influencing various aspects of her swim, bike, and run capabilities.

When it comes to swimming, her height allows for a good reach and efficient stroke length, enabling her to move through the water with less resistance.

On the bike, being 1.70 meters tall influences her aerodynamics; she can maintain a more streamlined position, reducing drag and conserving energy over long distances.

During the run, Betto’s height affects her stride length and cadence, contributing to her overall speed and efficiency on the course.

Understanding how Betto’s height impacts her physical attributes provides valuable insights into her strengths as a triathlete. Her 1.70-meter stature contributes to her ability to adapt and excel in different disciplines of the sport, showcasing the importance of unique attributes in achieving success in triathlon.


Alice Betto’s success in triathlon is greatly supported by her partnerships with various sports brands as sponsors, enhancing her training, competition, and equipment needs. These sponsors play a crucial role in helping Betto achieve success in her sport. By partnering with sponsors, Betto can focus on her performance and goals, knowing that she’s the support she needs to excel.

  • Betto’s sponsors may include apparel, gear, nutrition, and recovery brands.
  • Sponsors support her training, competitions, and equipment needs.
  • Partnering with sponsors allows Betto to focus on her performance and goals.
  • These sponsorships are vital for Betto’s success in prestigious events like the World Cup and the Triathlon Championship Series.

Through these partnerships, Betto ensures she’s access to the best resources and support to compete at the highest level of the sport. Stay tuned to Elite Triathlon LIVE, the official triathlon resource, to see Betto in action with the backing of her valuable sponsors.


As you reflect on Alice Betto’s triathlon journey, remember that like a triathlon, life is a challenging race with different segments. Just as Betto pushes through swimming, cycling, and running, you too can conquer your own obstacles with determination and perseverance.

Let her story be a symbol of resilience and dedication, inspiring you to push beyond your limits and achieve greatness in your own pursuits. Keep moving forward, one step at a time, towards your own finish line.

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