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Athlete Breakdown: Who Cassandre Beaugrand?

If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘success is where preparation and opportunity meet,’ you might find Cassandre Beaugrand’s journey through the world of triathlon quite intriguing.

Beaugrand’s story is one of perseverance, skill, and remarkable achievements that have left many in awe of her prowess on the racecourse.

As you learn more about her triathlon career, you’ll discover the fascinating details that have shaped her into the formidable athlete she is today.

Triathlon Career

So, let’s talk about Cassandre Beaugrand’s impressive triathlon career.

She’s secured victories in prestigious races, such as the WTS gold in Hamburg and the gold at the Tokyo Test Event.

Beaugrand’s accomplishments, including podium finishes and world titles, highlight her remarkable talent and determination in the sport.


In her triathlon career, Cassandre Beaugrand has showcased exceptional skill and versatility in a variety of races, securing notable victories and podium finishes on both the national and international stage. Beaugrand’s achievements in various races demonstrate her prowess as a top triathlete. Below is a table summarizing some of her key race successes:

Year Race Achievement
2018 Hamburg WTS First WTS gold medal
2018 French Mixed Relay World Championships World title with the French Mixed Relay team
2018 Gold Coast U23 U23 bronze medal
2019 Various races Second and first place finishes on favorite courses
2019 Tokyo Test Event Gold medal, solidifying her international standing as a top triathlete

As a young athlete

During her early years as an athlete, Cassandre Beaugrand swiftly rose through the ranks of triathlon competitions, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination. Starting her triathlon career in ITU events as a Youth athlete in 2012, she wasted no time in making her mark. By 2014, at just 16 years old, Beaugrand secured a remarkable second-place finish at the Sprint Triathlon European Cup in Bratislava, a testament to her skill and tenacity.

In the same year, she was a vital part of the French team that clinched silver at the Mixed Relay World Championships, highlighting her ability to perform under pressure at such a young age. Beaugrand’s prowess continued to shine as she claimed victory at the European Junior Championship in 2016, solidifying her early potential in the sport and earning recognition on an international level.

Being part of the French team and excelling in prestigious competitions like the European Junior Championship emphasized Beaugrand’s rapid progression and promising future in triathlon.


At 26 years old, Cassandre Beaugrand’s age places her in the prime of her athletic career, poised for further growth and accomplishments in the world of triathlon. Despite her relatively young age, Beaugrand has already made significant strides in the sport, showcasing her talent and dedication from a young age. Her achievements include notable successes at events like the Junior European Cup and the Mixed Relay World Championships, where she’s proven to be a valuable asset to her team.

Being in her mid-twenties, Beaugrand stands at a crucial juncture in her career, where her experiences as a young athlete continue to shape her into a formidable force in triathlon. With a bright future ahead, she embodies the spirit of determination and resilience that’s essential for success in such a demanding sport. As she progresses through her twenties, Beaugrand’s age serves as a testament to her potential for greatness and her ability to compete at the highest levels of triathlon.


Standing at 1.70 meters, Cassandre Beaugrand’s height plays a crucial role in enhancing her performance across the swimming, biking, and running disciplines of triathlon. In swimming, her average height allows for a streamlined body position in the water, reducing drag and increasing efficiency as she glides through each stroke. When transitioning to biking, her height aids in maintaining optimal aerodynamics, helping her cut through the wind with less resistance. During the running portion, her stature contributes to a balanced stride, allowing for an efficient and powerful gait that propels her forward.

Cassandre’s 1.70-meter height places her in the realm of an average female athlete’s stature, ensuring she maintains the ideal physique for excelling in triathlon. This balanced height enables her to sustain speed and endurance throughout the varied segments of the race, showcasing her ability to perform consistently across swimming, biking, and running disciplines. With her height playing a key role in her triathlon success, Cassandre Beaugrand exemplifies how every inch can make a difference in the pursuit of excellence.


Cassandre Beaugrand’s performance in triathlon is significantly bolstered by her sponsorship collaborations with Polar, Aquaman, Lapierre/Hutchinson Cycling, and Adidas, providing her with top-notch gear and clothing essential for her competitions. These sponsorships are vital for enhancing her performance and ensuring she competes at her best. Here’s how each sponsor contributes to Cassandre’s success:

  1. Polar: Cassandre Beaugrand unveiled the Polar Vantage V2 in 2020, showcasing the advanced technology she utilizes during her training and races.
  2. Aquaman: As a sponsor, Aquaman provides Cassandre with high-quality wetsuits, aiding her in the swimming portion of her triathlons.
  3. Lapierre/Hutchinson Cycling: Cassandre’s bikes are supported by Lapierre/Hutchinson Cycling, giving her the competitive edge she needs during the cycling leg of her races.
  4. Adidas: With a clothing deal with Adidas, Cassandre sports top-of-the-line apparel that ensures she looks and feels her best while competing in triathlons. These sponsorships are instrumental in equipping Cassandre with the necessary tools to excel in her triathlon endeavors.


You’ve seen Cassandre Beaugrand’s impressive triathlon career unfold before you.

Did you know that she stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, making her a powerhouse on the race course?

With an impressive list of achievements, including multiple gold medals at European Championships, Beaugrand’s talent and determination have solidified her as a top competitor in the world of triathlon.

Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to dominate the sport!

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