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You’ve seen her glide through water, pedal with determination, and hit the pavement running. Tilly Anema, a name resonating powerfully within the triathlon world, is more than just a name. From her humble beginnings on the Norfolk swim team to her rise on the international triathlon stage, her journey paints a vivid picture of resilience and passion.

Yet, do you truly know who Tilly Anema is? There are unexplored corners about her life, her training, and her aspirations that await your discovery. Ready to uncover the enigma that is Tilly Anema? Let’s embark on this journey.

Who is Tilly Anema?

So, who exactly is Tilly Anema? Your curiosity about this rising star in the triathlon world is justified. Hailing from Norfolk, Tilly is a British triathlete based in Cardiff. She began her athletic journey with competitive swimming at nine and transitioned to the triathlon when she was 17.

Tilly’s international racing experience is impressive. She’s represented Great Britain in U23 and Senior categories, securing top-ten finishes in Europe and World Triathlon events. In 2023, she clinched a silver medal at the Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya.

She’s not just an individual racer, though. As a member of the mixed relay team, Tilly has achieved significant success, including a gold medal at the Europe Triathlon Championships in Balikesir.

Beyond racing, Tilly also participates in the French Grand Prix and the Super League Triathlon, showcasing her versatility and adaptability.

She’s a motivated athlete, eager to constantly challenge herself and push her boundaries. For anyone seeking to belong in the world of triathlon, Tilly Anema serves as an inspiring figure.

How old is Tilly Anema?

Moving on from her career achievements, it’s interesting to focus on Tilly Anema’s age, which plays a significant role in her athletic journey. Born on 19th May 2001, Tilly is currently 21 years old. Her age underscores the impressive feats she’s accomplished in her relatively short career, making her one of the promising young athletes in the world of triathlon.

Let’s delve into how her age is intertwined with her achievements:

  1. Tilly was a mere teenager when she transitioned to triathlon at 17. It was a crucial age that marked the beginning of her professional journey.
  2. At age 19, she made her international debut at the 2021 Europe Triathlon Cup Quarteira. This was a significant milestone for any athlete, achieved at such a young age.
  3. She secured a bronze medal at the 2022 Africa Triathlon Cup Dakhla, aged just 20. This demonstrated her exceptional ability to compete at an international level.
  4. Now, at 21, she’s already named on the World Class Programme, a testament to her talent and dedication.

How tall is Tilly Anema?

While physical attributes can play a significant role in athletic performance, specific information about Tilly Anema’s height isn’t widely reported or documented. That’s not unusual in sports like triathlon, where an athlete’s endurance, agility, and strength can often overshadow simple measurements like height.

But why might height matter? In swimming, longer limbs can provide a lengthier stroke and increased propulsion. For cycling and running, height can impact factors such as stride length and the ability to maneuver the bike. That said, it’s clear that success in triathlon isn’t solely dependent on one’s height but rather a combination of physical factors, training, and mental toughness.

While we mightn’t know Anema’s exact height, we do know she stands tall in terms of her achievements. From her top-ten finishes in Europe Triathlon and World Triathlon events to her silver medal at the Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya, her stature in the world of triathlon is unquestionable. So, height or no height, Tilly Anema is a force to be reckoned with in the sport. Her success is a testament that determination, talent, and hard work often tower above mere physical dimensions.

Tilly Anema as a young athlete

From a young age, Tilly Anema showcased promising potential in athletics, emerging as a dedicated and talented competitor in the world of triathlon. Born and raised in Norfolk, Tilly began her athletic journey as a competitive swimmer at just nine years old. It wasn’t until she was 17 that Tilly discovered her passion for running, and this sparked her interest in triathlon.

Tilly’s early years in the sport were marked by intense training and rapid development. She transitioned to triathlon in 2018 and by 2021, she’d made her international debut at the Europe Triathlon Cup Quarteira. Her early years as a triathlete can be broken down into four key stages:

  1. Discovery of triathlon at age 17
  2. Transitioning to the sport in 2018
  3. Intensive training and development
  4. International debut in 2021

Tilly’s progression as a young athlete wasn’t just about competing and winning. It was about learning, growing, and embracing the joy of the sport. Her journey serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring triathletes, reminding them that passion, dedication, and hard work can lead to remarkable achievements.

Tilly Anema’s career highlights

Tilly Anema’s career in triathlon is studded with numerous highlights, demonstrating her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. She’s represented Great Britain in both U23 and Senior categories, achieving top-ten finishes in Europe Triathlon and World Triathlon events. Undoubtedly, her silver medal performance at the Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya in the senior race is a testament to her skill and tenacity.

Based in Cardiff at the National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales, she started her journey in competitive swimming at nine, transitioning to triathlon at 17. This foundation laid the groundwork for her recent achievements, like finishing third in the British Sprint Triathlon Championships and securing a bronze at the Africa Triathlon Cup Dakhla.

Not only has she excelled individually, but Anema’s also made a significant impact in mixed relay events. She was part of the team that won gold at the Europe Triathlon Championships and finished sixth at the Relay Championships in Hamburg.

Whether it’s competing in the French Grand Prix or the Super League Triathlon events, Anema’s career showcases her adaptability in different race formats and her constant pursuit for new challenges.

Does Tilly Anema have sponsors?

In addition to her impressive career achievements, you may also be curious about the sponsors who support Tilly Anema’s triathlon journey. The support from sponsors is vital for an athlete like Anema, not only providing financial backing but also contributing to her performance through products and services.

Here’s a breakdown of some key sponsors:

  1. Sundried: This ethical activewear brand is a major sponsor, providing Anema with high-quality training and competition gear. Her favorite item? Their Ultra High Visibility Cycle Jacket.
  2. National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales: This centre provides Anema with world-class training facilities and coaching support.
  3. Great Britain Triathlon Team: As a part of the national team, Anema receives funding, resources, and the opportunity to represent her country in international events.
  4. Your Local Tri Shop: This Norfolk-based company supports Anema with triathlon-specific gear and services.

Each sponsor plays a crucial role in Anema’s journey, providing the necessary resources to compete at her best. As a fan, understanding these relationships gives you a deeper insight into the professional triathlon world.

Where is Tilly Anema from?

Originally hailing from Norfolk, Tilly Anema has made a significant journey to become the triathlon star she’s today. Born and raised in this rural county of England, she’s molded by its serene landscapes and a strong sense of community, which fostered her love for the outdoors and sports. Her early days were spent swimming competitively, a passion she discovered at the tender age of nine.

As time passed, Tilly’s interest in running grew and eventually led her to explore the triathlon, a sport that perfectly combined her love for both swimming and running. At the age of 17, she made the transition, marking the start of her professional journey in triathlon.

Today, Tilly is based in Cardiff, where she trains at the National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales. It’s in this city that she’s grown as an athlete, honing her skills, building her endurance, and making her mark in the world of triathlon. Despite the challenges she’s encountered, Tilly continues to represent not just her hometown of Norfolk, but the entire United Kingdom, at various international competitions.


As we’ve journeyed through Tilly Anema’s career, we’ve seen her resilience, determination, and sheer athletic prowess. From her Norfolk roots to her global triathlon triumphs, Anema’s journey is a testament to her indomitable spirit.

Whether inspired by her achievements or motivated by her story, it’s clear that Anema is more than just an athlete – she’s a force to be reckoned with. As she sets her sights on 2020, we can only anticipate greater feats from this triathlon titan.

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