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Best Triathlon Shorts for Men in 2024

Participating in a triathlon requires determination, preparation, and the right gear. One essential piece of equipment for male triathletes is a good pair of triathlon shorts. These shorts are specifically designed to provide support and comfort during the swim, bike, and run stages of the race. With a focus on reducing chafing, enhancing aerodynamics, and offering adequate padding, triathlon shorts can greatly impact your overall performance.

Best triathlon shorts

  1. SLS3 Triathlon Shorts ($65)
  2. Zoot Men’s Core ($80)
  3. Synergy Men’s Elite Tri Shorts ($89.95)
  4. PEARL iZUMi Tri Cycling Short ($65)
  5. BALEAF Men’s 4D Padded Bike Shorts ($36.99)

Budget-friendly Triathlon Shorts

  1. Beroy Men’s Triathlon Shorts ($29.99)
  2. TYR Men’s Modern ($36.73)
  3. MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts ($41.99)

Top 5 Triathlon Shorts for Men in 2024

#1 SLS3 Triathlon Shorts

The SLS3 triathlon shorts is overall the best shorts we’ve tested. First of all, the shorts are great quality, and i’ve used theese in a Ironman worn underneath my wetsuit. The shorts has two pockets which can be used to store energy, or your phone on trainingruns. furthermore the shorts are a tight fit and can be used in my experience, the SLS3 triathlon shorts are the best ones I’ve tried. I wore these high-quality shorts during an Ironman event under my wetsuit and found them to be exceptional. The shorts come with two pockets, which are perfect for storing energy gels or even your phone during training runs.

#2 Zoot Men’s Core

In my experience, the Zoot triathlon shorts are a fantastic choice for triathlon training and race day. As a larger athlete, I found the XL size to fit comfortably without the usual tight thigh grippers. The Italian Endura+ fabric dries quickly and moves with my body, providing excellent comfort during all stages of the race.

The chamois is thin yet effective, allowing for comfortable swims, runs, and short to medium length rides. I also appreciate the hip holster pockets for storing essentials and the gripper-free hem that stays in place. Some users might find the sizing a bit off, so consider sizing up for a better fit.

I highly recommend the Zoot triathlon shorts for their performance and versatility. They have become my go-to choice for triathlon events.

#3 Synergy Men’s Elite Tri Shorts

I recently purchased the Synergy Men’s Elite Tri Shorts and found them to be an excellent addition to my athletic gear collection. These shorts are perfect for various activities, such as swimming, running, and biking, providing the comfort and support needed throughout my workouts and races.

One feature I particularly appreciate is the well-designed pockets for water bottles, ensuring that I stay hydrated during long sessions. The shorts offer a great fit, and the quality is impressive, rivaling those of pricier alternatives. Additionally, the padding is just right for biking without causing any issues while running.

However, a few minor drawbacks need attention. Some users have experienced chafing during long runs, and the elastic band at the bottom of the legs may stretch out over time. Moreover, a couple of customers reported durability concerns with the shorts falling apart in the pool and a lack of customer service.

Despite these concerns, I would still highly recommend the Synergy Men’s Elite Tri Shorts for anyone seeking a versatile and comfortable option for their multi-sport activities. Overall, these shorts are a fantastic investment for active individuals looking for quality and performance at a reasonable price.

PEARL iZUMi Tri Cycling Shorts

I recently purchased the Baleaf Men’s 4D bike shorts in black and size medium for my indoor cycling sessions. I was looking for sustained comfort during long rides without having to constantly adjust my position, and these shorts definitely delivered. The new red chamois padding is incredibly comfortable and feels just as good as my more expensive shorts. The fabric is soft and breathable, thanks to the infusion of Lycra, and the grippers keep the shorts in place without feeling too tight.

BALEAF Men’s 4D Padded Bike Shorts

These are biking shorts, not triathlon shorts. The main difference is the thickness of the padding. However, I personally still find it just as easy to run in these, as in normal triathlon shorts. It can also easily be worn on the swim section. But, if you’re required to use a wetsuit, I won’t recommend these. The padding will limit your range of motion in your legs.

I would recommend these if you swim without a wetsuit and you feel more comfortable with more padding for the bike. The shorts are also known for their breathability, which is crucial for those cycling in hotter climates. The moisture management feature ensures that riders stay comfortable even during the most intense workouts.

Budget-friendly Triathlon Shorts

Beroy Men’s Triathlon Shorts

I recently purchased the Beroy Men’s Triathlon Shorts and have been delighted with their performance. These shorts have proven to be durable, comfortable, and well-fitting, making them perfect for various athletic activities, including swimming and exercise.

The shorts’ fabric is thick enough to prevent transparency while remaining comfortable during workouts. The elastic pockets hold up well, making them a useful feature during training sessions. Additionally, the shorts do not require a drawstring, as they fit snugly around the waist and legs.

Although the sizing may be slightly off, with some customers suggesting sizing down for a better fit, the overall satisfaction with these shorts is high. A few users would have preferred more padding, but considering these are triathlon shorts, the balance between comfort and weight seems to be well-managed.

The Beroy Men’s Triathlon Shorts have received positive feedback from users for their excellent value, functionality, and comfort. These shorts are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for reliable, high-quality triathlon gear without breaking the bank.

TYR Men’s Modern

In my experience, the TYR Men’s Modern tri shorts offer a comfortable fit, good performance, and a sleek design. Many users report that these shorts have a great fit, even though some may need to size up for optimal comfort. The material is not too thin and provides sufficient coverage in the front, making them suitable for triathlon events.

The pad is thin and well-positioned for triathlons, offering modesty and comfort during all stages of the race. These shorts are also well-built and provide enough padding for rides up to 90 minutes. Some users, however, wish they had pockets for holding a phone.

Overall, the TYR Men’s Modern tri shorts are an excellent choice for triathletes seeking comfort, performance, and a great value. Just keep in mind that you might want to consider sizing up if you’re in between sizes or prefer a slightly looser fit.

MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts

I found that the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon shorts provide comfort, versatility, and practicality for triathletes of all levels. Other triathletes have reported that these shorts are not only suitable for their first triathlon but are also great for training, swimming, cycling, and running. The snug fit and high-quality material make them comfortable during all stages of a triathlon, and the outside mesh pockets allow for easy access to gels and hydration tabs.

The shorts have been praised for their quick-drying ability and chafe-free experience, making them ideal for both training and racing. Some triathletes also find them suitable for other athletic events such as Spartan races and straight running events. The padding is sufficient for cycling, while still feeling smooth and comfortable during the run.

In summary, MY KILOMETRE Triathlon shorts are a perfect choice for anyone looking for versatile and comfortable shorts for triathlons and other athletic events. They offer a great combination of support, comfort, and practicality, making them a valuable addition to any triathlete’s wardrobe.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting the perfect pair of triathlon shorts, consider the following key features:

Material and fabric: Triathlon shorts should be made from a blend of quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex. These fabrics provide a comfortable fit while reducing drag during the swim stage.

Chamois padding: A good pair of triathlon shorts will have a thin, quick-drying chamois pad to provide cushioning during the bike stage. Unlike cycling shorts, the chamois in triathlon shorts is designed to be less bulky and more flexible to ensure comfort during the run.

Compression and support: Some triathlon shorts offer compression features to help reduce muscle fatigue and enhance blood flow. This added support can lead to improved performance and faster recovery times.

Leg grippers: High-quality triathlon shorts have leg grippers made from silicone or other non-slip materials. These grippers keep the shorts in place during the race, preventing them from riding up and causing discomfort.

Pockets and storage: Pockets are a useful feature for storing energy gels, keys, or other small essentials. Look for shorts with easy-to-access pockets that won’t interfere with your performance.

Fit and comfort: A proper fit is crucial for comfort during the race. Triathlon shorts should be snug but not restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion during all three stages of the event.

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