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Athlete Breakdown: Who is Leon Chevalier?

Leon Chevalier is a French professional triathlete who is known for being the ironman winner in 2021 and winner of other ironman competitions. In his debut year, he went from being an unknown person to being in the top 25 in the world. He is listed as one of the greatest French triathletes on the ironman distance.

Leon Chevalier’s Triathlon Career

Even though Leon Chevalier is not a young talent in 2022 but today is a pro athlete with great success at 26 years old, he still took the world with a great impression. In his debut year as a pro athlete in 2021, Leon managed to climb up the rank list from being number 420th to being in the top 25 of the best athletes in the world in the PTO world rankings- to be more specific he is placed as number 22 best pro athlete.

The climb up in the rankings is due to his great achievements during the year 2021. First of all, Leon won the Ironman Mallorca with a winning time of 7:57:03 he set a new course record and made the third fastest time on the Balearic island, a French long-distance athlete. Furthermore, he did win the Ironman Embrunman too with a new course record. And last but not least, he did manage to win 3rd place in what was his first crack at the full distance at Ironman Bolton in the UK. 

Picture: Leon Chevalier in an ironman competition

Although 2022 so far has not been the same successful year as 2021, Leon Chevalier still managed to finish in the top 10 of the Ironman World Championships but held for the first time outside of Hawaii. Furthermore, in August, he finished second at the Ironman 70.3 Vichy and he won the Triathlon EDF Alpe d’Huez.

The 20th of August, 2022Ironman 70.3 VichyVichy, France2nd
The 29th of July, 2022Triathlon EDF Alpe d’HuezAlpe d’Huez, France1st
The 16th of October, 2021Ironman MallorcaAlcudia, Spain1st
The 15th of August, 2021Ironman EmbrunmanEmbrun, France1st
The 4th of July, 2021Ironman UKBolton, UK3rd
Tabel: Leon Chevalier’s greatest achievements

Leon Chevalier as a young athlete

Leon Chevalier is not just like other pro athletes or triathletes. He was already doing triathlons when he was 15 years old in 2011, but back then running triathlons as a living was not a part of his plan for the future. He graduated back in 2014 from the equivalent of the sixth form in France and then started the engineering degree in Lyon. First, when he started the engineering degree in Lyon, he started to do some triathlons for fun in his free time and to train more consistently. He was training while he also was studying to get his graduation. But as time went on, he was getting better and better and climbed up the ranks in France as a triathlete.

In 2017 when Leon’s girlfriend went to Bath, UK, he visited her one time in Bath and was so blown away by the infrastructure that he decided to move to Bath too. He dropped out of the engineering degree to start from scratch in England while training for triathlons.

After a while of training and studying at the same time, Leon decided to attend his first  ITU race, an African Cup in Morocco, in 2018. At the ITU race, he came fourth, but according to himself, it was an eye-opener of all the great things that triathlon could offer him. It just made him realize that maybe there was something he could do in triathlon. 

How old is Leon Chevalier?

Leon Chevalier was born in 1996 in Paris, France, making him 26 years old today. 

How tall is Leon Chevalier?

Leon Chevalier is 5’9 feet (181 cm).

Who is Leon Chevalier sponsored by?

Leon Chevalier has partnered with different brands that are either improving his performance during training or competitions. Some of these sponsors are:

  • Endura: Leon has started a sponsorship with the Scottish apparel specialist brand, Endura. Leon joins the brand’s multi-disciplinary roster of athletes. Endura has noted: “Leon Chevalier is one of the most exciting long-distance triathlon talents to emerge onto the iron-distance scene over the past couple of seasons.”
  • Precision Fuel & Hydration: Leon has also partnered with the body fuel brand, Precision Fuel & Hydration. According to Leon, the brand has helped him ensure a good performance and to better understand how his body fuels. They have made a special development for him of a fueling and hydration strategy that works for him.
  • Filerskeepers: Leon and Filerskeepers is also one of his sponsors. Filerskeepers is a company that has the main goal of working to make it more simple with: IT, Legal, Compliance, HR, Sales, Finance, Health, and Safety.
  • Cervelo: Like many other triathletes, Leon has also teamed up with the company and sportswear brand, Cervelo. They provide Leon with some of the best bikes on the market, and they sell different kinds of bikes such as mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, railway bikes, etc.
  • HOKA: Another sports brand that Leon has teamed up with is HOKA. HOKA is a brand that sells sports apparel to both men and women such as running shoes, sportswear, training gear, etc.
  • HED: HED is a world-leading bike wheel brand that provides Leon with “The fastest carbon bike wheels”, according to HED themselves. Leon and HED have partnered to develop some of the best bike wheels on the market and they continue to do so.
  • Cheetham Coaching: Leon has also a sponsorship with Cheetham Coaching which offers to coach a small but professional group of athletes.
  • Versailles Triathlon: Last but not least, Leon has a sponsorship with Versailles Triathlon for all the upcoming competitions.
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