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AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit Review

triathlon skin suit review

Initially, I was skeptical about the claims of the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Women's Triathlon Skin Suit, wondering if it could truly deliver on both style and performance.

However, as I slipped into the suit and felt its snug yet flexible fit, my doubts started to fade. The way it hugged my body and the attention to detail in its design piqued my interest, making me eager to put it through its paces.

Stay tuned to discover how this skin suit fared in terms of comfort, performance, and overall functionality in the realm of triathlons.

Key Takeaways

  • Size 18 women found a good fit with a 4X suit.
  • Some users experienced chafing from the sewn-in pad.
  • Prioritize comfort and functionality when selecting a suit.
  • Users highlighted concerns about transparency and zipper durability.

Fit and Sizing Feedback

In general, customers who purchased the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit provided detailed feedback on the fit and sizing of the product. The feedback ranged from a size 18 woman finding a good fit with a 4X suit to those in the 14/16 to 18 size range with a large chest feeling like the suit fits like a glove. Additionally, an XL size was reported to fit well on a 54, 200 lbs woman. However, some customers mentioned that the suit was see-through and required wearing a sports bra underneath for added coverage. Despite this issue, the overall consensus was positive regarding the suit's fit and sizing, with many users finding it comfortable and true to size.

Performance and Comfort Insights

Moving on from the discussion on fit and sizing feedback, insights into the performance and comfort of the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit reveal varying experiences among users.

  • The suit provided excellent performance for the first triathlon, enhancing overall experience.
  • Some users reported that the armholes were uncomfortably tight and high, impacting mobility.
  • A few users found the shorts to be too short, affecting comfort during wear.
  • Several users mentioned that the suit was comfortable for swimming, potentially improving swim times.

Design and Features Overview

The design and features of the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit offer a blend of functionality and style for athletes. The colors are flattering, with black camouflaging the gut area, and the ribbon on the zipper aids in suiting up quickly. Some users appreciate the small pouch in the back for storage during races. While the suit is considered pretty by some, others find it to be see-through, especially in white sections. The padding is thin for some users but adequate for others. Overall, the suit offers practical features and a stylish design that caters to the needs of triathlon athletes, combining functionality with a touch of fashion.

Issues and Concerns Discussed

Touching on the concerns raised by users, some issues with the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit include chafing from the sewn-in pad, transparency, especially when wet, and reports of the swimsuit zipper breaking easily.

  • Chafing from the sewn-in pad
  • Transparency, especially when wet
  • Reports of the swimsuit zipper breaking easily
  • Fit issues reported by some users

These concerns should be considered when deciding whether the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Womens Triathlon Skin Suit is the right choice for your triathlon needs. Ensure to weigh these potential drawbacks against the suit's positive features before making a final decision.

Personal Preferences and Recommendations

Considering personal preferences and recommendations for triathlon gear, I highly suggest prioritizing comfort and functionality when selecting your ideal suit. Opt for lower armholes and longer shorts if you prefer more coverage and freedom of movement. Look for a more substantial bike pad if you desire extra cushioning during long rides.

Choosing a one-piece suit over a two-piece can reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunctions during intense activities. Some users find wearing a sports bra underneath provides added support and coverage.

It's essential to consider these personal preferences and recommendations to ensure your triathlon skin suit meets your specific needs and enhances your overall performance and comfort during training and races.


In conclusion, the AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Women's Triathlon Skin Suit exceeded my expectations, providing exceptional performance and comfort. It truly felt like a second skin, enhancing my performance on the track and in the water.

While there were minor issues, overall, the suit proved to be a reliable and stylish choice for my triathlon endeavors. As I crossed the finish line, I felt a sense of empowerment and confidence, knowing that this suit was my trusted companion in achieving my goals.

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