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Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles Review

smart goggles for swimmers

As I dipped into the depths of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles realm, a world of promises and potential unfolded before me. The quest to unlock their full capabilities led me through a labyrinth of features and functionalities, each offering a glimpse into the future of swimming technology.

However, amidst the glimmers of innovation, obstacles lurked in the shadows, casting doubts on the seamless experience these goggles aimed to provide. Journey with me as we navigate the intricacies of these AR swim goggles, deciphering their true essence beyond the surface allure.

Key Takeaways

  • Accurate metrics tracking for competitive swimmers.
  • Some users faced issues with brightness and connectivity.
  • App offers analytics and social sharing features.
  • Proper configuration and technique are crucial for optimal performance.

Positive Aspects of Holoswim 2s AR Goggles

When evaluating the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles, one can't overlook the commendable blend of value, accuracy, and functionality that these goggles offer to users.

The seamless integration of augmented reality display, lap counting, and stroke tracking provides a comprehensive swimming experience. The goggles excel in real-time metric tracking, aiding competitive swimmers in monitoring their performance accurately during long swims.

Additionally, the compatibility with fitness apps like Strava enhances the overall training regimen, allowing for a more personalized approach to swim workouts.

The comfort and functionality of the goggles stand out, making them a reliable companion for swimmers seeking to improve their technique and performance in the water.

Negative Feedback From Users

Despite the promising features and functionality of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles, users have expressed significant concerns and dissatisfaction with various aspects of the product. Some common negative feedback includes:

  • Brightness of the screen causing visibility issues
  • Bulky design leading to discomfort during use
  • Connectivity problems like limited device pairing
  • Lack of responsiveness from customer support

These issues have hindered the overall user experience, highlighting areas where the goggles may need improvement to better meet user expectations and provide a more seamless swimming and tracking experience.

Notable Features and Functions

An in-depth exploration of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles reveals a range of notable features and functions that cater to swimmers seeking advanced tracking capabilities and comfort in their aquatic pursuits.

These goggles offer an AR display for real-time data, lap counting, stroke tracking, and compatibility with popular fitness apps like Strava. With a battery life of approximately 4 hours on maximum brightness, users can adjust settings through the app for personalized usage.

The app provides detailed analytics and social sharing options for workout results. Additionally, the goggles are compatible with select Garmin watches for GPS open water swimming and come with various nose bridge sizes for a customized fit.

Proper configuration via the app is crucial for maximizing the benefits of these advanced features.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Examining the technical specifications of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles provides insight into the advanced components that contribute to their functionality and performance.

  • Enhanced AR display for clear visibility underwater
  • Water-resistant design to withstand prolonged submersion
  • Integrated GPS for accurate tracking of distance and location
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit

These technical specifications highlight the goggles' cutting-edge features tailored to meet the needs of swimmers seeking precision, durability, and convenience during their training sessions.

Maximizing Battery Life and Performance

To optimize the performance and extend the battery life of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles, it's crucial to implement strategic usage habits and settings adjustments.

To maximize battery life, consider lowering the brightness of the display when not needed, as this can significantly impact how long the goggles last on a single charge. Additionally, closing unnecessary background apps on your connected device can help conserve power.

Adjusting settings through the app, such as turning off features that aren't in use during your swim, can also contribute to longer battery life. By being mindful of these factors and making small adjustments, you can ensure that your Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles perform optimally and last longer between charges.

Compatibility and Connectivity Issues

Compatibility and connectivity issues with the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles have presented significant challenges for users seeking seamless integration with their devices.

  • Limited device pairing options impact usability.
  • Data loss during syncing hinders tracking accuracy.
  • Inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity disrupts real-time data updates.
  • Difficulty in firmware updates affects overall performance.

Essential Tips for Proper Usage

With the challenges posed by compatibility and connectivity issues in mind, maximizing the functionality of the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles necessitates adherence to essential tips for proper usage.

To ensure optimal performance, avoid touching the interior of the goggles to prevent damage. Proper configuration through the app is crucial for utilizing features like adjusting the display side and training modes effectively. Enhance sensitivity settings for stroke detection to improve accuracy and data capture.

Additionally, focus on maintaining proper swimming technique to ensure optimal data collection during workouts. Following these usage tips won't only maximize the functionality of the goggles but also enhance your overall swimming experience.

Customer Support and Service Insights

Analyzing the customer support and service provided for the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles reveals crucial insights into the overall user experience and satisfaction levels.

  • Prompt Responses: Timely assistance from the support team enhances user experience.
  • Effective Troubleshooting: Resolving connectivity issues promptly improves user satisfaction.
  • Clear Communication: Transparent information about updates and features fosters user trust.
  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored recommendations for individual user needs enhance the overall support experience.


In conclusion, the Holoswim 2s AR Smart Swim Goggles offer a mix of innovative features and challenges. While the AR display, lap counting, and stroke tracking functionalities enhance the swimming experience, issues like screen brightness and connectivity problems detract from their overall usability.

With a focus on improving performance and accuracy, these goggles have the potential to revolutionize training routines for competitive swimmers, but improvements in user experience and technical support are essential for optimal use.

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