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PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts Review

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Embarking on a recent triathlon, I put the PEARL iZUMi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts to the ultimate test. These shorts have a reputation for being a solid choice in the endurance sports community, but do they live up to the hype?

Let's dissect the key features and performance aspects of these shorts to uncover whether they are truly worth the investment for athletes seeking high-quality gear for their races.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatile for various endurance activities with exceptional comfort and minimal padding.
  • Secure grip on thighs and quick-drying material suitable for intense workouts.
  • Silicone leg grippers and strategic seam placements for stability and chafe prevention.
  • Minimal padding offers flexibility and support, enhancing performance during sprint triathlons.

Performance and Comfort

In my experience testing the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts, the performance and comfort surpassed my expectations for various endurance activities. These shorts proved to be versatile, providing exceptional comfort during a 24-hour adventure race without causing excessive soreness.

Whether biking, trekking, in spin class, or on the treadmill, the minimal padding was perfect for shorter events like sprint triathlons. The secure grip on the thighs, quick-drying material, and suitability for mountain biking all added to the overall positive experience.

Not only did they fit well, but they also stayed in place during races, giving me the confidence to push myself harder. The comfort and performance of these shorts truly make them stand out for anyone seeking reliability during intense physical activities.

Material and Design

Having experienced the exceptional performance and comfort of the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts during various endurance activities, the material and design of these shorts play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience.

The material is thin and spandex-like, providing a unique feel compared to regular bike shorts. The padding, although minimal, lacks the secure stitching found in other biking shorts. A drawstring feature allows for a tight waist fit during swimming sessions.

However, some users feel the pocket size for energy gels could be larger, limiting storage capacity during longer races.

Fit and Size

The fit and size of the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts play a crucial role in determining the overall comfort and performance experienced by users during various endurance activities. These shorts are designed to grip the thighs well and prevent slipping during intense workouts, providing a secure and stable feel.

Based on weight, height, and waist measurements, they generally fit accurately; however, some users have found the sizing to be smaller than expected. It's important to consider individual body shapes and sizes when selecting the right fit.

Grip and Stability

Ensuring a secure and stable feel, the grip and stability of the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts enhance performance during intense workouts and endurance activities.

  • Silicone leg grippers keep the shorts in place during movement.
  • Elastic waistband provides a snug fit without feeling restrictive.
  • Strategic seam placements prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Multi-panel construction enhances overall stability and support.

Padding and Support

For optimal performance and comfort during your triathlon endeavors, the padding and support offered by the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts are essential components to consider.

The padding in these shorts is minimal, making them suitable for shorter events like sprint triathlons. While some users found the padding to be thinner than expected, it provides adequate cushioning without adding unnecessary bulk.

The elastic stretchiness of the padding ensures flexibility and freedom of movement during various activities. The support offered by these shorts is decent, with a good grip on the thighs to prevent slipping during races.

Waistband and Drawstring

With an adjustable drawstring and a snug waistband, the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts offer customizable comfort and secure fit for triathlon enthusiasts. The waistband and drawstring features are essential for a comfortable and personalized experience during training or races:

  • The drawstring allows for easy adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.
  • The snug waistband ensures the shorts stay in place during various activities.
  • Customizable comfort for different body shapes and sizes.
  • Provides a secure feeling, especially during intense movements like swimming, biking, and running.

Thigh Grip and Movement

How effectively do the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts grip the thighs during various activities, facilitating optimal movement and performance?

The thigh grip of these shorts is impressive, providing a secure fit that prevents any unwanted slipping or movement during intense workouts. Whether cycling, running, or trekking, the shorts stay in place, allowing for unrestricted movement and enhanced performance. The grip is just right – not too tight to cause discomfort, yet firm enough to provide the necessary support. This feature adds to the overall comfort and confidence while engaging in different physical activities, making the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts a reliable choice for athletes looking for a well-fitted and high-performance garment.

Pocket Size and Accessibility

The pocket size of the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts proves restrictive for storing larger items like energy gels, potentially impacting accessibility during races and training sessions. However, the shorts offer some key features related to pocket size and accessibility:

  • Small pocket size limits storage options.
  • Difficulty accessing items quickly during activities.
  • May require alternative storage solutions, like belts or vests.
  • Could hinder efficient fueling strategies during longer events.

User Feedback and Concerns

In exploring user feedback and concerns regarding the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts, a common theme emerges surrounding sizing, padding, and design elements. Some users found the sizing to be smaller than expected, leading to discomfort during activities.

The padding, while minimal, was thinner and more elastic than anticipated, causing mixed reactions among users. Issues like irritation from front seams and a lack of support in the center were also noted.

Despite these drawbacks, many users appreciated the shorts' fit, comfort, and performance across various sports. However, there were contrasting opinions on the shorts' value, with some feeling they were overpriced compared to previous purchases from the same brand.

Pricing and Value

Evaluating the affordability and worth of the PEARL Izumi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts reveals crucial insights into their pricing and value proposition.

  • The price point aligns with other high-end triathlon shorts on the market.
  • The durability of the material and construction justifies the cost over time.
  • Additional features like the drawstring waist and quick-drying fabric add value to the product.
  • Despite some users feeling the shorts were overpriced compared to previous purchases from the brand, the overall quality and performance make them a worthwhile investment for serious triathletes.


In the thrilling race of endurance gear, the PEARL iZUMi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts prove to be a reliable companion. Like a trusty steed, these shorts deliver comfort and performance, navigating the twists and turns of my athletic journey with ease.

While they may have a few quirks to iron out, their value and versatility make them a worthy addition to any athlete's arsenal. So saddle up and ride into your next challenge with confidence in these triathlon shorts.

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