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SLS3 Triathlon Suit Review: Affordable Performance Gear

affordable triathlon suit review

When it comes to triathlon gear, finding the right balance between performance and cost can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. The SLS3 Triathlon Suit surprised me with its blend of quality and affordability, making it a contender in a sea of options.

But does this suit truly deliver on its promises? Let’s uncover the nuances that set it apart from the rest and whether it’s the ultimate budget-friendly gem every triathlete should consider.

Key Takeaways

  • Unparalleled comfort and perfect fit for 150 lb. athletes.
  • Excels in swimming and quick drying for triathlon events.
  • Budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.
  • Accurate sizing chart and personalized customer service recommendations available.

Comfort and Fit

The SLS3 triathlon suit offers unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit for athletes weighing around 150 lbs. I found the suit to be very comfortable and lightweight, suave in design, and it fits exceptionally well. The chamois posed no issues, and the rubber on the lower leg parts effectively held the pants in place during my training sessions.

The suit’s design eliminated any fabric flapping, and the short sleeves provided sun protection for my shoulders. Although the top zipper caused a bit of skin irritation on my chest, overall, the fit was excellent. I felt confident and secure wearing it, making it a great choice for those seeking comfort and performance in their triathlon gear.

Performance Highlights

Swimming effortlessly and drying fast, the SLS3 triathlon suit excels in performance for sprints and Olympic tri events. The suit’s flexibility in all directions allows for a full range of motion, making it ideal for various triathlon activities.

I personally tried it during a 50km bike ride and a sprint triathlon training session, and it provided the comfort and performance I needed. The quick-drying fabric is a game-changer, keeping me comfortable and focused throughout my workouts.

Additionally, the rubber on the lower leg parts effectively holds the pants in place, ensuring a secure fit without any distractions. Overall, the SLS3 triathlon suit’s performance capabilities make it a reliable choice for triathletes seeking top-notch gear at an affordable price.

Design Features

Boasting innovative design features, the SLS3 triathlon suit offers a blend of functionality and style that enhances the athlete’s performance on race day.

  • Short sleeves protect shoulders from the sun
  • Skin suit design eliminates fabric flapping
  • Back pockets suitable for bars and gels
  • Top zipper causes skin irritation on the chest

The suit’s thoughtful design elements cater to the needs of triathletes, ensuring comfort and practicality during intense races. The incorporation of sun protection and streamlined features showcase a focus on both performance and aesthetics, setting this suit apart as a valuable addition to any triathlete’s gear collection.

Sizing Recommendations

When considering the SLS3 triathlon suit, it’s essential to pay close attention to the sizing recommendations to ensure a perfect fit for your race day performance. The sizing chart provided by SLS3 is quite accurate, but some users recommend going a size up for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Personally, I found that the size small suited me perfectly, offering a streamlined feel without being too constricting. If you’re unsure about which size to choose, reaching out to SLS3’s customer service for personalized recommendations might be a good idea.

Remember that a well-fitted triathlon suit can make a significant difference in your performance and overall comfort during the race, so take the time to find the right size for you.

Price and Value

Considering the exceptional fit and performance of the SLS3 triathlon suit, now let’s explore its unbeatable price point and overall value proposition.

  1. The price is hard to resist, making it a budget-friendly option for triathletes.
  2. It provides a good option for race day without breaking the bank.
  3. The suit offers excellent value, balancing quality and affordability.
  4. Fans of the brand’s cycling shorts and socks will appreciate the consistent quality and affordability of the triathlon suit.

User Experience Insights

Based on my personal experience with the SLS3 triathlon suit, its user-friendly design and performance make it a standout choice for athletes seeking both comfort and functionality during races.

The suit’s lightweight and comfortable feel allowed me to focus on my performance without any distractions. I particularly appreciated the well-fitting design, especially the rubber on the lower leg parts that kept everything in place during intense movements.

The suit’s flexibility was evident during both swim and bike segments, providing the freedom of movement I needed. While the short sleeves offered sun protection, the back pockets were handy for storing nutrition.

Despite a slight issue with skin irritation from the top zipper, overall, the SLS3 triathlon suit proved to be a reliable and affordable option for race day.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the SLS3 triathlon suit excels in delivering a blend of comfort, performance, and affordability for athletes seeking a reliable race-day option.

  1. Reliable Performance: The suit offers good performance for sprint and Olympic tri events.
  2. Comfortable Design: Lightweight and suave, it provides a comfortable fit for various activities.
  3. Affordable Option: At a hard-to-resist price point, it offers excellent value for race day.
  4. Overall Satisfaction: Despite minor issues like skin irritation from the top zipper, the suit’s quality and features make it a solid choice for triathlon enthusiasts.


Overall, the SLS3 Triathlon Suit exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, performance, and value.

Its lightweight feel and impeccable fit allowed me to move freely during races without any chafing issues.

The skin suit design kept me streamlined, and the back pockets were a convenient feature.

Despite a minor discomfort with the chest zipper, this suit is a budget-friendly option that delivers on its promise of affordable performance.

Highly recommended for triathletes of all levels.

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