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Sparx Women Triathlon Suit Review: Comfortable & Breathable

comfortable women s triathlon suit

Swimming in the sea of triathlon gear, I stumbled upon the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit like a beacon of hope. The promise of comfort and breathability in one ensemble seemed almost too good to be true. But as I peeled back the layers of this suit's features and customer reviews, a nuanced picture began to emerge, hinting at a blend of satisfaction and room for improvement.

Join me as we explore the depths of this triathlon suit's performance and design, uncovering whether it truly stands as a comfortable and breathable companion for multisport athletes.

Key Takeaways

  • Made from durable Italian fabric with MicroMesh panels for breathability
  • Tri-Support Chamois ensures comfort on the bike
  • Rear pockets for nutrition, elastic grip at the bottom
  • Fits well, dries fast, but consider wearing a sports bra

Product Description

In the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit product description, the innovative design caters to the needs of triathletes participating in swimming, cycling, and running events. Crafted from durable Italian fabric, LYCRA XTRA LIFE, this suit ensures lasting quality.

The incorporation of MicroMesh Panels enhances breathability, crucial for performance during intense triathlon events. Tri-Support Chamois provides comfort on the bike, while elastic grips at the bottom secure the fit.

With convenient rear pockets for storing nutrition bars and gels, this suit combines functionality with style. The attention to detail in this triathlon suit reflects a commitment to supporting athletes through their demanding pursuits.

Customer Reviews

Moving from the detailed product description to the insightful realm of customer feedback sheds light on the practical experiences with the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit. Customers praise its comfort, breathability, and quick-drying properties.

Many find it fits well without chafing, making it a great budget-friendly option. Some mention branding issues and the lack of chest support, suggesting wearing a sports bra for added comfort.

While the suit is flattering with minimal padding, a few users report discomfort from the silicon leg area. Suggestions include opting for darker colors due to transparency, improving the leg area silicon parts, and addressing zipper durability concerns.

Customer Feedback

Customers have provided valuable feedback on the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit, highlighting its comfort, breathability, and practical design features. Many users praise the suit for being a great option for their first triathlon, noting its durability and quick-drying material.

However, some customers have reported zipper issues and transparency in the colored areas, suggesting opting for darker colors. Additionally, concerns were raised about the lack of chest support and the discomfort caused by the silicon parts in the leg area.

Despite these issues, the suit is generally well-received for its fit, quick-drying capabilities, and overall comfort. It's recommended to consider these factors when making a purchase to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Sizing Information

Based on the provided customer feedback and sizing details, selecting the appropriate size for the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit is crucial to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit during your triathlon races. When determining your size, consider the following:

  • XL size fits well for size 10/12
  • XL size fits well for 5'7”, size 12/14
  • XL size fits well for 5'3”, 170lbs
  • Large size fits well for 5'2”, 150lbs
  • Large size fits well for 5'4”, flattering length


When considering the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit, it's essential to address key recommendations for enhancing the overall performance and comfort of the product.

To improve the suit, opting for darker colors would be wise to address transparency concerns reported by users.

Additionally, wearing a sports bra for added support is advisable due to the lack of chest support in the design.

Improving the leg area silicon part would enhance overall comfort and prevent potential discomfort during use.

Addressing zipper durability issues is crucial to ensure the longevity of the product.

Final Thoughts

Considering the feedback and recommendations provided, it's evident that the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit offers a solid option for triathletes seeking a comfortable and budget-friendly kit with some key areas for improvement. After testing the suit and gathering insights from various users, here are some final thoughts:

  • Comfortable and quick-drying material
  • Budget-friendly option for beginners
  • Lack of chest support may be a drawback
  • Transparent colored area needs addressing
  • Zipper durability concerns to be aware of


After diving into the world of triathlons and testing out the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit, I can confidently say it lives up to its promises of comfort and breathability.

The Italian fabric, MicroMesh panels, and Tri-Support Chamois all contribute to a high-performance experience across swimming, cycling, and running.

While there were some minor concerns raised in customer reviews, overall, this suit is a solid choice for any female triathlete looking for functionality and style.

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