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Athlete Breakdown: Who Is Emy Legault?

So, you might not be aware that Emy Legault’s journey to athletic stardom is a tale of remarkable resilience and determination.

From overcoming early setbacks to carving out a path to success in the demanding world of triathlons, Emy’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

But what sets her apart from other athletes striving for greatness?

Stay tuned to discover the unique blend of factors that contribute to Emy Legault’s meteoric rise in the fiercely competitive realm of endurance sports.

Emy Legault

Emy Legault, a rising star in the world of triathlon, has made significant strides in her athletic career with notable achievements on the international stage. Debuting in the 2015 World Triathlon Cup, she secured a silver medal in the 2022 edition in Huatulco, Mexico. Legault’s pinnacle came with a career-best tenth place in the World Triathlon Championship Series in Hamburg, Germany, in July 2022. Her selection for Canada’s 2022 Commonwealth Games team, where she placed 10th in the women’s event, further solidified her as a top triathlete.

Emy Legault’s success has garnered widespread recognition from various media outlets like CBC Sports, CP24, Le Journal de Québec, and La Presse. Triathlon Canada has also acknowledged her remarkable achievements. As an aspiring triathlon enthusiast, following Emy Legault’s journey not only offers inspiration but also a sense of belonging to the vibrant global triathlon community. Keep an eye on this exceptional athlete as she continues to leave her mark on the triathlon world.


As you reflect on Emy Legault’s journey in the world of triathlon, it’s clear that her determination and skill have propelled her to the top ranks of the sport.

From her impressive performances on the global stage to her selection for Canada’s Commonwealth Games team, Emy’s future in triathlons looks bright.

Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to push boundaries and inspire athletes around the world with her incredible talent and dedication.

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