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Athlete Breakdown: Who is Joe Skipper?

Joe Skipper is a world-class English professional triathlete, who won his first World Championships bronze medal at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships back in 2015. In the same year, Joe Skipper also won a silver medal at Ironman Texas breaking a few personal records. Last, but not least, he is also known for being the fastest British male ironman of all time.

Joe Skipper’s Triathlon Career

Joe Skipper did his first triathlon back in the end of 2010 initially for a challenge. Joe was hooked for the challenge and entered his first half ironman

But Joe Skippers first huge achievement was back in 2011 on the 29th of May,  when he ended in 2nd place at the British Sprint Triathlon Championships. And the first time he ended up in 1st place was on the 3rd of July, 2011, at the British Triathlon Middle Distance Championships.

Ever since that year, Joe Skipper has ended up in a variety of different positions. He has won a lot of competitions, but has also seen the scoreboard showing him that he ended up in 14th place. His personal best achievement in an Ironman is 7 hours, 46 minutes and 28 seconds.

Picture (Instagram): Joe Skipper during a triathlon

Down-below you will see a list of the competitions and races that Joe Skipper has either won or ended up in 2nd place or 3rd place. The list includes all races and competitions that Joe Skipper has participated in since 2011 to 2020:

DateRaceCity and countryPosition
The 29th of May, 2011British Sprint Triathlon Championships Belvoir Castle, UK2nd
The 3rd of July, 2011British Triathlon Middle Distance ChampionshipsBucks, UK1st
The 3rd of August, 2013Ironman UKBolton, UK3rd
The 20th of July, 2014Ironman UKBolton, UK2nd
The 16th of May, 2015Ironman TexasThe Woodlands, Texas, US2nd
The 27th of July, 2015ITU Long Distance World ChampionshipsMotala, Sweden3rd
The 19th of July, 2015Ironman UKBolton, UK3rd
The 5th of March, 2016Ironman New ZealandTaupo, New Zealand2nd
The 17th of July, 2016Challenge RothRoth, Bavaria2nd
The 15th of July, 2018Ironman UKBolton, UK1st
The 2nd of November, 2019Ironman FloridaPanama Beach, Florida1st
The 7th of March, 2020Taupo, New ZealandIronman New Zealand1st
Tabel: Joe Skippers biggest achievements

Joe Skipper as a young athlete

As a child, Joe Skipper was both good at running and swimming, but gave it all up one day to play football. But he quickly realized that he had no talent for the football game and gave that up too. The whole situation led him back to what he was good at, swimming and running.

His skills in swimming and running offered him the way to triathlon. In many years he raced as an amateur. He grinded and grinded and grinded until the day that he participated in a championship (British Sprint Triathlon Championships at Belvoir Castle) in 2011 that led to his first ever victory. Shortly after the Victory in British Sprint Triathlon Championships led to going pro for Joe Skipper – and the rest is history.

Picture (Instagram): Joe Skipper is swimming

How old is Joe Skipper?

Joe Skipper was born on the 25th of March, 1988, in Great Britain, making Joe Skipper 34-year-old today in 2022. He was born in Norwich, Great Britain, in the earstern part of the country.

How tall is Joe Skipper?

Joe Skipper is 5 ’11 in (1.81 m) and has a weight of 172 lb (78 kg). 

Who is Joe Skipper sponsored by?

Joe Skipper is a man of great achievements during his whole career that have led to a variety of different sponsorships. As it is today in 2022, he has 7 huge sponsorships that include:

  • Since 2016 Joe Skipper has been using Hoka’s run shoes and now they have become one of his sponsorships. In the beginning, he paid for the shoes himself, but today the sponsorship with Hoka pays for it.
  • A sponsorship with the famous wheel specialist, Revolver. They are also one of Joe Skipper’s sponsorships today that deliver specialized bike wheels to him.
  • Argon 18 is also a sponsorship for Joe Skipper which is making triathlon bikes offering him one of the most advanced engineering of bikes. 
  • Joe Skipper has also made a sponsorship with DHB to provide them with feedback to help create the new Aeron Triathlon Suit which Joe Skipper is wearing in training and in all competitions.
  • Partnering with CBD products which is making a new CBD product to focus purely on training athletes and performing athletes. CBD products help Joe Skipper to find a really good way of recovery and to help him sleep better.
  • He is also partnering with Veloforte who is offering Joe Skipper all-natural active nutrition. Snacks and food he is eating during training and competitions.
  • Last, but not least, Joe Skipper is also having a sponsorship with Luke Sport which is a men’s clothing brand owned and designed in the UK.

What’s next for Joe Skipper?

Today in 2022, Joe Skipper has experienced many incredible and indescribable great things during his whole career as a professional triathlete. But he is not done yet. 

It is clear that his main goal for 2023 will be a Kona podium. He is quite not done yet as he posted on his Instagram: “Still motivated to do another race, so I reckon I’ll be finishing my season at Ironman Arizona in November.”

Picture (Instagram): Joe Skipper racing on a bike
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