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The Best Triathlon Wheels On A Budget In 2024

You want the best triathlon wheels on a budget, right? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve tested some of the best ones for 2023, and we’ll tell you all about our experince with them. 


First, let’s start with a quick summary:

  1. Queen Bike ($369)
  2. CyclingDeal Boreas ($399.98)
  3. SunRise Bike($329)
  4. Superteam Carbon Fiber ($389)
  5. BUCKLOS 700C ($219.99)

The Best Triathlon Wheels On A Budget

#1 Queen Bike

In my tests and experience with the Queen Bike triathlon wheel set, I’ve found it to be an impressive addition to my cycling setup. These lightweight wheels have proven their worth across various terrains, showcasing exceptional performance that stands out. As a dedicated triathlete, I’m always on the lookout for enhancements that can give me an edge, and the Queen Bike wheel set has certainly delivered on several fronts.

One of the most important aspects I’ve noticed is these wheels’ remarkable smoothness and speed. Whether I’m riding on rollers indoors or tackling challenging bike trails, the Queen Bike wheels exhibit an excellent level of agility. The responsiveness and stability they provide, especially on smoother surfaces, have significantly contributed to my overall cycling experience. Furthermore, the rear hub’s audibly distinctive sound not only adds to the excitement but also serves as a safety feature, alerting fellow cyclists and pedestrians of my presence on bike trails.

In my extensive usage spanning several months, I’ve come to appreciate the impressive build quality of these wheels. The carbon construction, combined with the thoughtful inclusion of brake pads, valve extenders, and even extra spokes and nipples, speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction. However, like any product, the Queen Bike wheel set isn’t without its minor drawbacks. The rear hub can occasionally become noisy and wobbly in gusty winds, posing a potential concern for stability. Additionally, the compatibility with certain tire sizes, like the 25mm Michelin Pro Service 4 tire, may require some adjustments to prevent rubbing against the fork. Nonetheless, these minor inconveniences pale in comparison to the overall excellence that the Queen Bike wheels bring to my triathlon endeavors.

#2 CyclingDeal Boreas

I’ve had the chance to try out the CyclingDeal Boreas wheelset. These wheels are a solid choice for those on a budget. They spin true, which means you get a smooth ride without any wobbling. I decided to switch the cross country tires for Schwalbe Hans Dampfs, and that made a positive difference. I kept the Ilona tires for possible cross country races, and they did well too. The hubs are pretty basic, but given the price, they do the job just fine. Putting them on my Commencal HT build was a breeze.

Riding with the CyclingDeal Boreas wheels has been a pleasant experience. They handle different terrains nicely, whether I’m on cross country trails or other surfaces. The wheels stay true to their spin, which gives me confidence and control as I ride. The hubs, while not super fancy, have been reliable and supported my rides effectively. These wheels have definitely added to my cycling adventures without breaking the bank.

Let’s cut to the chase: the CyclingDeal Boreas wheelset offers a bang for your buck. They might not boast the bells and whistles of pricier models, but they hold their own. The smooth spin and adaptable tires fit right into my cycling groove. For triathletes looking for a wallet-friendly blend of performance and affordability, these wheels deserve a nod. They’re living proof that quality rides don’t have to break the bank. And guess what? The price tag on these bad boys? A wallet-pleasing $399.98.

#3 SunRise Bike

These wheels are affordable, and I have to admit, they’ve held up well so far. They feel stable while spinning, and after changing the tires, my rides have been pretty smooth. Now, don’t expect these to be the fanciest wheels to show off to your friends – the hubs seemed basic when I first got them. But I read other reviews, so I was ready. After a 33-mile ride, they still look good. I took it easy this time, but I plan to really test them on my next rides.

Now, let’s talk about how they ride. These wheels surprised me on different terrains. They keep their spin consistent, making me feel in control while riding. The hubs might not be top-notch, but they do their job well and give me a reliable performance. One thing I noticed was that the hub bearings make a strange sound when I’m pushing hard – I wondered what’s happening. Surprisingly, despite my worries, the hubs keep rolling smoothly without any big issues. I’ve ridden these wheels hard for around 1500 miles, and they’ve done well. The hubs have kept up, and I’m starting to like their dependable performance.

So, the bottom line? I really like the SunRise Bike wheels. They’re worth the $329 and have done well on many rides. They might not be the fanciest or lightest, but they’re dependable. I liked them so much that I got a second pair for my backup bike. These wheels show you don’t need to spend a lot for a smooth ride. With their strong build and steady performance, they’ve earned a place in my cycling journey.

#4 Superteam Carbon Fiber

I got to spend some good time with the Superteam carbon fiber bike wheels, and I’m excited to tell you about them. These wheels have really changed how I bike – they’re a big deal. A friend who’s into cyclocross and mountain biking recommended them, and they’ve been even better than I expected.

As soon as I put these wheels on my bike, I could feel the difference. First off, they’re super light because of the carbon fiber. This makes it way easier to speed up and climb hills, even the small ones in Florida. It’s like having a turbo boost on my bike!

Plus, these wheels are designed to be aerodynamic, and that’s made me faster. I’ve noticed I can go faster without getting tired quickly, which makes long rides more fun. They also help a lot during quick sprints, giving me that extra push to go even faster.

But wait, there’s more – these Superteam wheels are also really stiff and responsive. They handle turns well and stay on track, even on bumpy roads. They help me use all my pedal power efficiently, so I get a real performance boost.

And guess what? These wheels are tough too. I’ve taken them on different terrains and small bumps, but they still look and work like new. Superteam used strong materials and made these wheels really well. They also look cool and catch the attention of other bikers when we ride together. It’s nice to know my bike performs great and looks awesome too.


I had the chance to try out the BUCKLOS 700C triathlon wheelset, and let me tell you, they’re something special. These wheels go beyond what I expected in terms of value and performance. With their round spokes and carbon fiber hub, they’re really well-made and stand out from the crowd. Even my experienced bike mechanic was impressed – he’s seen a lot of wheels, but these are a winner, especially considering their price.

Right from the start, I could tell these wheels were top-notch. They’re well-built and look great. On the road, they’re a perfect fit for my cycling adventures. Paired with Continental Gatorskin tires, they gave me a smooth and comfy ride, even on bumpy roads. My mechanic’s advice that wheels matter most has never been truer.

After riding 750 miles, these wheels have proved themselves. Despite a small hiccup from a flat tire due to rough roads, they held up well. They’re strong and dependable, even when I’m forgetful and halfway through a ride without my helmet (not my smartest moments, I admit). They handle challenges and their performance stays solid.

In short, the BUCKLOS 700C triathlon wheels blew me away with their amazing value and performance. If you want an affordable upgrade that doesn’t cut corners on quality, you should seriously consider these wheels. They’ve really improved my cycling, and I can’t wait to see how they keep performing. These wheels have definitely earned their spot on my bike, and I’m excited to see where we’ll go next.

How to Choose the Right Triathlon Wheels On A Budget

Here’s a guide to help you choose the ideal budget wheels for your races and training sessions.

Durability and Quality: Most importantly, when choosing budget-friendly triathlon wheels, durability and quality should be at the top of your list. Look for wheels constructed from robust materials like aluminum alloys or carbon fiber. These materials offer an excellent balance between lightweight design and sturdiness, ensuring your wheels can handle the demands of training and racing without compromising on performance. 

Weight: Opt for wheels that strike a balance between being lightweight for efficient acceleration and climbing, while still maintaining stability during descents. When transferring between a triathlon’s swim, bike, and run legs, lighter wheels can significantly improve your speed and energy efficiency. 

Aerodynamics: It is another important factor to consider is aerodynamics. Triathlon events often involve high speeds, and reducing wind resistance can give you a significant advantage. Look for wheelsets with aerodynamic designs, such as deeper rims or bladed spokes, to slice through the air more efficiently. 

Compatibility: Ensure that the triathlon wheels you choose are compatible with your bike frame and braking system. Some budget wheelsets might have limitations in terms of axle types or hub compatibility. It’s essential to select wheels that seamlessly integrate with your current setup to avoid any potential complications during installation or use.

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