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The 5 best Triathlon Racing Belts in 2024

We’ve tested and reviewed the best racing belts for triathlon.

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RJ-Sport Race Number Belt

In my view, the RJ-Sport Race Number Belt stands out as the go-to option for triathletes and marathon runners. My testing revealed that it’s comfortable, practical, and straightforward to use – ticking all the essential boxes. Additionally, it garners some of the best reviews on Amazon for racing belts. Plus, it’s among the most affordable options available.

The belt is adjustable and can accommodate a wide range of waist sizes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for athletes of all shapes and sizes. Some users have reported minimal discomfort when gels touch bare skin, so it’s advisable to wear a shirt underneath to prevent this issue. The bib holder does an excellent job of keeping the race number in place without the need for pins, reducing the risk of damaging clothing. The belt also features gel loops for convenient storage and easy access to nutrition during races.

Although the gel loops work well for most standard-sized gels, some triathletes have reported that they might be tight for larger pouches or unconventional items such as pickle juice shots or sports beans. A possible improvement would be to incorporate stretchier or varying sizes of gel loops for added versatility. Triathletes have also praised the belt for its durability and sturdiness, even during challenging conditions such as rain. The absence of sharp edges ensures that the belt can be worn under a wetsuit without causing any tears. The belt is simple to use, allowing athletes to quickly attach their bib numbers and secure gels. The quick-release buckle makes transitions between race segments smooth and efficient.

In conclusion, the RJ-Sport Race Number Belt is a reliable, comfortable, and functional choice for triathletes and marathon runners. Despite minor drawbacks such as limited gel loop sizes, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-quality race belt.

VeloChampion Running, Triathlon, Marathon Number Belt.

I have tested various triathlon belts, and in my opinion, the VeloChampion Running, Triathlon, Marathon Number Belt stands out for its simplicity, making it great for Person-best triathlon races.

When I tested this belt, I found it to be highly adjustable, fitting a variety of waist sizes. However, in my experience, it may not be suitable for very young athletes or those with smaller waists.

In my opinion, the stretchy and elasticized material of the VeloChampion belt provides excellent comfort, even during long races. It also eliminates the need for safety pins, which can damage clothing and cause discomfort.

During my testing, I noticed that the belt clip is designed to prevent chafing, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the race.

One downside I observed is the lack of storage for gels or other small essentials. Nevertheless, the belt’s primary purpose of holding race numbers securely and comfortably is achieved exceptionally well.

In conclusion, based on my expertise and testing, the VeloChampion Number Belt is a great choice for triathletes and other racers seeking a comfortable, durable, and functional race number belt.

The AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt

The best option if you want to combine hydration with your running belt.

As a seasoned triathlete, I have put the AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt to the test in various training sessions and competitions. Designed with multisport athletes in mind, this hydration belt offers a zero-bounce design and adjustable fit for ultimate comfort and stability during your runs or bike rides. Equipped with two water bottles and a generously sized pocket, the AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt allows you to carry essentials like your phone, keys, and energy gels with ease. Read on to learn more about my experience with the AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt and how it can enhance your triathlon performance.

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The Fitletic Neo Race Belt

This racing belt fits your phone! A great choice.

The Fitletic Neo Race Belt is a versatile and comfortable belt designed for various activities like racing, marathon running, trail running, ironman, and triathlon. It has a unique no-bounce design that prevents it from bouncing, chafing, or riding up during workouts or runs. The belt is made of neoprene and features integrated bib toggles to hold racing numbers.

As for fitting an iPhone 11, one user mentioned that their iPhone 10 fits perfectly with room to spare, but they are unsure about the size difference between the iPhone 10 and 11. Another user mentioned that their iPhone 7 fits well, along with keys, credit cards, and some money. An iPhone 6, however, does not fit in the pouch according to one user.

The belt has received positive reviews for its comfort and functionality, with users appreciating its adjustable waistband and ability to hold phones, keys, and small items during races or workouts. Some customers even use it with separate water bottle holsters for longer runs.

Reflective Running Race Bib Belt With Elastic Webbing

Introducing the Fitness Favor Race Belt for runners, designed to store essentials, keep you energized, and let you focus on the race. In my opinion, this belt is perfect for various outdoor activities, including marathons, triathlons, and more.

When I tested this belt, I found the adjustable length suitable for waist sizes from 30″ to 42″, making it ideal for most runners. It features a spacious zip pouch, perfect for keys, wallets, and phones, and a non-bounce design to improve stability and comfort.

The Fitness Favor Race Belt comes with four energy gel loops, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized throughout the race. I also appreciated the reflective trim, which improves visibility in low-light conditions, and the waterproof material that protects your belongings from the elements.

However, some customers have reported difficulty fitting larger phones in the pouch. Additionally, the gel loops may be too small for certain gel pouch sizes, requiring modification for some users.

Overall, in my experience, the Fitness Favor Race Belt is a versatile and functional accessory for both men and women, making it a go-to running accessory for outdoor enthusiasts.

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