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The Best Women’s Triathlon Suit In 2024

Dive into our detailed guide to the best women’s triathlon suits of 2024. Understanding that top-notch gear elevates each swim, bike, and run segment, we’ve got you covered regardless of your experience level. The importance of the perfect suit cannot be overstated. We’ve personally put these suits to the test, saving you the effort. Let’s explore the options and secure your ideal race-day outfit.


  1. SLS3 Triathlon Suit for Women
  2. RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit
  3. SLS3 Triathlon Suits Women
  4. Women’s Triathlon-Suit One-Piece

The Best Women’s Triathlon Suit

#1 SLS3 Triathlon Suit for Women

In my extensive testing and personal experience with the SLS3 triathlon suit for women, I’ve found it a promising addition to any triathlete’s gear collection. The suit’s design accurately matches the depicted images and boasts a seamless blend of style and functionality. As someone who takes meticulous care in choosing their attire for races and training, I genuinely looked forward to donning this suit, which did not disappoint.

Right away, I noticed how well it fit. Using the size chart, the suit hugged me nicely, feeling comfy for tough triathlon parts. It worked great for swimming, biking, and running, letting me move freely and do my best.

One of the standout features is its attention to comfort. While the pad’s thinness might be a concern for some, it accommodated my needs, allowing me to maintain focus and agility throughout my triathlon endeavours. Additionally, the suit’s construction, especially around the arms and neck, calls for a touch of body butter for an added comfort layer. This simple yet effective tip made a noticeable difference. Though not without drawbacks, including a lack of support for women and a relatively short torso, these minor inconveniences can be managed by pairing the suit with an additional sports swimming suit top, ensuring a more tailored fit, and addressing any concerns regarding support.

#2 RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit

Drawing from the collective feedback on the RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit, I’ve assessed its performance and features extensively. As a triathlon enthusiast, I’ve tested this suit in various scenarios over the course of several months, and the results have been largely positive.

First and foremost, this suit boasts remarkable comfort and practicality. I’m 5’0″ with a 36-inch hip and a 29-inch waist, and the large size suits me well. Its lightweight construction lets me easily slip it on, making it an efficient choice for quick transitions. Its ability to withstand a 40-mile bike ride and a 5-mile run speaks to its durability. However, I did notice a gradual flattening of the padding in the crotch area, which slightly impacted its comfort during prolonged activities.

The suit’s fit is generally true to size, a crucial factor for a successful triathlon experience. The material needs to be see-through and offer decent coverage. Yet, it’s worth noting that minimal bust support is a concern, particularly for those with larger breasts. Incorporating a sports bra for added support is advisable, especially considering the larger arm openings that can lead to some movement discomfort. On the upside, the suit’s quality and affordability make it a standout choice for entry-level triathletes.

#4 SLS3 Triathlon Suits Women

Having worn the SLS3 Triathlon Suit extensively over the span of several months, I’m eager to share a comprehensive review of this product. Hailing from the United States, this suit has garnered positive and negative aspects that I believe triathletes should be aware of.

Starting with the positives, the SLS3 Triathlon Suit offers a commendable fit, catering to various body shapes and sizes. As someone who’s 5’6″ and weighs around 185 pounds, I opted for an XL size, and it provided a well-constructed, comfortable fit. The suit’s lightweight design and thoughtful padding placement allow for unhindered movement during activities, preventing chafing and riding up. Moreover, the quick-drying fabric ensures that it remains comfortable even after swimming.

However, I encountered some downsides during my tests. The fabric quality left something to be desired. After just one sprint-distance race, I noticed premature pilling around the zipper area, which was rather disappointing given the suit’s price point. The lack of chest compression and an uncomfortable zipper posed challenges for those seeking enhanced support during intense activities. Additionally, while the legs offered a comfortable fit, the absence of pockets or insufficiently secured pockets raised concerns about convenience and practicality.

#5 Women’s Triathlon-Suit One-Piece

After using the Women’s Triathlon-Suit One-Piece for quite some time, I’m eager to share my thoughts and experiences in this comprehensive review. As a triathlete based in the United States, I’ve put this suit through its paces and have gained valuable insights into its performance.

First and foremost, the suit has exceeded my expectations in terms of fit and comfort. The sizing chart provided is remarkably accurate, resulting in a perfect fit that allows for a wide range of movement. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner, the suit’s well-designed proportions cater to various body types. I personally found the material to be of good quality, ensuring both comfort and durability. The suit performed admirably during my triathlon races and training sessions, providing sufficient support and preventing chafing or discomfort.

On the downside, I did encounter a few minor issues during my tests. The zipper occasionally got stuck at the bottom, which was quickly resolved by gently pulling on it. While the extra bra support is essential for a comfortable experience, the suit’s chest compression might fall short for those seeking additional help during intense activities. Additionally, some users may find the suit on the larger side, which could be addressed by consulting the sizing chart or considering a size down for a snugger fit.

How to Choose the Right Women Triathlon Suit

Choosing the right women’s triathlon suit is critical to a successful and comfortable race experience. With so many alternatives available, it’s crucial to take into account a number of things to ensure you choose wisely.

Fit and Size: The first and most crucial aspect to consider is the fit and size of the triathlon suit. A proper fit ensures optimal performance and comfort. Begin by carefully measuring your height, weight, and body dimensions, and then refer to the manufacturer’s size chart. It’s worth noting that different brands might have slightly different sizing, so don’t hesitate to try on multiple sizes or seek guidance from customer reviews. A well-fitting suit should feel snug but not restrictive, allowing easy movement in all three disciplines.

Material and Comfort: The material of the suit plays a significant role in comfort and performance. Look for suits made from high-quality, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics that can handle the demands of swimming, cycling, and running. Flatlock seams and minimal stitching help reduce chafing and irritation during prolonged activity. Additionally, consider the padding in the chamois area. It should provide sufficient cushioning for the bike portion without hindering movement during the swim and run.

Design and Features: The design of the triathlon suit should not only look appealing but also offer practical features. Look for a suit with a streamlined design to reduce drag in the water and enhance aerodynamics on the bike. A front zipper allows for easy ventilation and quick transitions. Some suits also come with pockets on the back for storing energy gels, nutrition, or small items. Check if the suit has leg grippers to prevent riding up during the race.

Support and Mobility: Support is crucial, especially in the chest area for women. Some suits come with built-in bras or chest support, while others may require wearing a sports bra underneath. Ensure that the suit provides the necessary support without causing discomfort or constriction. Additionally, consider the mobility offered by the suit. Armholes should be designed to allow a full range of motion in the swim and run.

Budget and Brand Reputation: Despite the fact that cost shouldn’t be the sole factor, it’s important to consider your budget while choosing a triathlon suit. Thankfully, there are choices accessible at different price ranges. Do your research and pick a renowned company that produces high-quality triathlon equipment. Reading testimonials from other triathletes can provide you useful information about the suit’s effectiveness, longevity, and general contentment.

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