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Best Heart Rate Monitor for Triathlon Training

Finding the best heart rate monitor for triathlon training is a critical task. There are multiple factors to consider, including its price, quality, and warranty time. Additionally, some people also look for connectivity and accuracy options. 

heart rate monitor is a device that tracks heart rate data, much better than your watch, and helps to improve the training. This is especially true if you’re using heart rate zones.

Obviously, multiple heart rate monitors are available in the market, and finding the best one is not easy! However, based on my experience here, I provided some top-rated heart rate monitors for your triathlon training!

5 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathlon

1. Garmin HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor

One of the top-rated heart rate monitors is Garmin HRM-Pro, which precisely records your heart rate while swimming, running, or cycling.

 It also works with Garmin’s Running Dynamics. Great stuff! But you’ll have to own a newer watch such as the Fenix 5 to enable this feature. 

One of the essential features is its quality and durability. However, the most crucial feature people love is its low price.

We also tested the HRM-TRi hear rate monitor. It’s great aswell! However, it comes with a higher pricetag.

2. Polar H10- Affordable Heart Rate Monitor

Are you tired of trying multiple Heart Rate Monitor but have not found the right one based on quality? Well, this Polar H10 monitor is the one that offers 100% accurate results without uncertainty issues. 

Moreover, you can use this anytime, even when performing your triathlon training. One of the essential features we love the most is that it’s a waterproof device. Hence, you can use it while swimming or enjoying in the water. 

Another reason for its high sales is its extended life batteries. It can work for 400 hours without any notification or distraction. Moreover, the battery is replaceable, and as soon as it gets finished, you can replace it with another battery. 

This device has multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Ant plus technology, making it versatile. So, buy this affordable heart rate monitor and save your time, money, and energy.

3. Wahoo ELEMNT Roam- Heat Rate Monitor for Bikes

Are you a bike user and want a heart rate monitor that tracks your heartbeat rate while training on the bike? This Wahoo brand is an ideal choice? With a simple strap, it’s easy to wear neat the chest for better performance. Moreover, using this device, it; ‘s easy to read the heart rate due to efficient and clear-cut fonts on the screen. 

Although it’s specifically designed for use on the bike, it gives efficient results for running or walking as well.  

Its battery life span is around 500 hours without any error or notification. So, it’s one of the most extended battery life span monitors for triathlon trainers.

4. Scosche Rhythm24- Best Quality Heart Rate Monitor

Want to maximize the Heart Rate Monitoring while training? This Scosche Rhythm24 is one of the efficient heart rate monitors with many advanced options. 

The Scosche heart rate monitor has multiple connectivity options. The interesting fact is that you can track a mobile app’s performance. However, this mobile app is not easy for beginners.

5. SUUNTO Smart Sensor – AW1 Heart Rate Monitor

One compact designed heart rate sensor is SUUNTO Smart Sensor – AW16, which measures the heart rate with 100% accuracy. It is easy to connect with Bluetooth or a SUUNTO watch.

Its battery time is a whopping 500 hours. Moreover, this battery is replaceable, and as soon as this battery is finished, you can use a new one. 

It is highly compatible with connectivity options, including Bluetooth, mobile app, and other multiple devices. 

Final Verdicts

Above are the 5 best heart rate monitors for triathlon training, which customers have top reviewed. Using this device, you can easily track your performance by measuring your heart rate. 

However, it’s not easy to buy a heart rate monitor as there are multiple factors to look at. Consider the type of monitor you need, budget, warranty time, and compatibility options. 

Overall, all the above devices are suitable for triathlon training due to their top quality. However, Garmin HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor is the top product based on our experience.

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