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Athlete Breakdown: Who is Max Neumann?

Max Neumann is an Australian athlete and triathlete who has won numerous ironman competitions during the last couple of years that has made his own trademark in the world of triathlon. He is also known for his dedication to training and his amazing ability to push himself to the limit. He is an inspiration to many people who aspire to be the best that they can be.

Max Neumann’s Triathlon Career

Since 2018, Max Neumann has been a recognized and respected triathlete who has ever since won numerous victories when it comes to triathlons. In his first year as a professional Max Neumann was capable of getting third place at the Challenge Melbourne. That third place was also the one thing that really kicked off Neumann’s career. During 2019-2022 Max Neumann won different kinds of races and competitions that really made his name famous.

In 2019, he became the Australian Champion in sprinting and short triathlon, and later the same year he did win his first-ever Ironman 70.3 – even two times did he win the Ironman 70.3 that year. He also attended for the third time in an Ironman 70.3 in 2019 but this time he finished the race as number 2nd. 

The year 2020 was a successful year too. Max Neumann attended both Ironman Cairns and Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships and at both competitions did he win. In 2021 he did manage to win at the Ironman Cairns once again.

Even though Max Neumann finished “only” number 4th at the Ironman Hawaii in 2022, he did manage to make his run the fourth fastest time ever made at the Ironman Hawaii competition. A very cool and tough competition to be a part of. In the same year, he also regained the title of champion at the Ironman Cairns.

An overview of all the fantastic and great resultats that Max Neumann has achieved so far during his career as a Triathlon athlete:

2022Ironman HawaiiHawaii, USA4th
2022Ironman CairnsCairns, Australia1st
2021Ironman CairnsCairns, Australia1st
2020Ironman CairnsCairns, Australia1st
2020Ironman Asia-Pacific ChampionshipsChina1st
2019Australian Champion in Triathlon SprintAustralia1st
2019Australian Champion in Short TriathlonAustralia1st
2019Ironman 70.3Australia1st
2019Ironman 70.3Australia1st
2019Ironman 70.3Australia2nd
2016ITU World Championship U23 Cross-TriathlonMelbourne, Australia3rd
Tabel: Max Neumann’s biggest achievements

Neumann fourth as Ironman record smashed

Despite being number four at the Ironman Hawaii in 2022, Max Neumann had an incredible ironman competition. Not only was it Max Neumann’s first ever Ironman Hawaii competition making it a debut for him, but Max Neumann’s time (7:44:44) was also the best Australian men’s result since Luke McKenzie finished second back in 2013. 

Picture: Max Neumann is cycling at Ironmann Hawaii.

That is more incredible to have ever done knowingly that Neumann collapsed from dehydration during the Ironman Hawaii. According to himself, he lost 5 kg of water. Max Neumann paid the price for completing the race, waking up in the medical tent afterwards with two intravenous drips in his arms.

Max Neumann as a young athlete

Max Neumann’s athletic background is a little bit bizarre. According to Neumann himself, he did not really have too much of an athletic or triathlon background when he was a child or a young man. On the contrary, he was never pushed into anything special such as being a professional football player or being the best at running. He basically played every single sport he could play. He just loved playing different kinds of sport. According to himself, it is due to his desire for running and being active.

Nevertheless, he sort of just fell into triathlon world when he was 17 years old. As said, he has always been a big sport fan and suddenly he just ended up in a really cool, little triathlon club when he was 17. Since being part of that triathlon club, Neumann made progress during the following years and got the support from coaches and programs that led to his successful career. 

How old is Max Neumann?

Max Neumann was born on the 30th of May, 1995, in Australia, making him 27 years old in 2022. 

How tall is Max Neumann?

Max Neumann is 6′0.8″ (185 cm).

Who is Max Neumann sponsored by?

Currently, Max Neumann is a part of the BMC Pro Triathlon Team who is powered by 2XU. 2XU is known as one of the world’s most famous sport and triathlon brand providing the BMC Pro Triathlon Team – including Max Neumann – with the best athletic clothes and gears.

What is next for Max Neumann?

After a wild and great run at Ironman Hawaii Max Neumann does not look like he is having any idea of stopping. He seems like one that is going for more and is trying to seek for a win at the Ironman Hawaii. 

According to himself in an interview on the 3rd of November, 2022, he has had some struggle to come around post Kona. He was forced to have a 2-week break/light training but has gotten back into it lately. Hopefully, we all will see much more from him in the future.

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