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MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts Review: Ultimate Performance Gear

performance triathlon shorts review

As I glide through the water, pedal along winding roads, and pound the pavement, the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts have become my trusted companion, enhancing every stride, stroke, and turn.

But what sets these shorts apart from the rest? Stay tuned to uncover how these performance-driven shorts have revolutionized my triathlon experience, providing unmatched support and comfort through every leg of the race.

Key Takeaways

  • Comfortable and durable shorts for triathlon events and training.
  • Practical design with secure pockets for phones and keys.
  • Suitable for swimming, biking, and running with effective padding.
  • Highly recommended for fit, performance, and overall satisfaction.

Performance and Durability Highlights

When putting the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts to the test in various triathlon events and training sessions, their performance and durability shone through without a doubt. The shorts held up remarkably well, showing no signs of wear or sagging even after four months of intense use.

The side pockets proved to be handy, securely holding items during activities. The snug fit provided by the leg grippers and drawstring was excellent, ensuring comfort and stability throughout all disciplines. The comfortable padding was a standout feature, especially for long-distance biking and running.

Additionally, the mesh pockets were practical for swimming without causing any drag. Overall, the shorts exceeded expectations in terms of performance and durability, making them a reliable choice for triathlon enthusiasts.

Fit and Comfort Evaluation

The exceptional performance and durability of the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts naturally lead to a close examination of their fit and comfort for triathlon enthusiasts. These shorts provide a snug fit without being too tight or loose, making them comfortable for all three triathlon disciplines.

Regardless of body type or size, the shorts offer suitable coverage and compression, ensuring a secure and comfortable feel. The flat seams and solid construction enhance durability, while the leg grippers hold their position without causing irritation.

User Satisfaction and Feedback

After evaluating the fit and comfort of the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts, it’s essential to delve into user satisfaction and feedback regarding this high-performance athletic gear.

Users widely praise the shorts for their comfort and durability, with many highlighting the practicality of the side pockets for securely holding essentials during activities. The positive reviews emphasize the excellent value for the price, along with satisfaction regarding the fit and design.

Customers have expressed their intent to repurchase due to their overall contentment with the product. The shorts have garnered a reputation for being suitable for all three triathlon disciplines, further solidifying their recommendation for triathlon training and events.

Swim, Bike, Run Assessment

Assessing the performance across swimming, biking, and running disciplines reveals the versatile functionality of the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts.

The shorts excel in all three activities, providing comfortable padding for biking without hindering running or swimming movements. During swimming sessions, the mesh pockets prove handy for storing items without causing drag, while the drawstring and leg grippers ensure a secure fit.

Transitioning to biking, the padding remains comfortable for long distances, and the side pockets securely hold essentials. For running, the snug fit and leg grippers work effectively without irritation.

Overall Review and Recommendation

Impressively versatile and reliable for triathlon training and events, the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts have garnered significant praise for their exceptional performance and comfort. The shorts hold up well through various activities without showing any signs of wear or sagging, even after four months of consistent use.

The side pockets are practical for securely holding items, the padding is comfortable for long distances, and the mesh pockets are convenient for swimming without causing drag. With a snug fit provided by the leg grippers and drawstring, these shorts cater to individuals of different body types.


In conclusion, the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts have proven to be a game-changer in my training regimen. Their exceptional performance and durability make them a must-have for any triathlete seeking top-notch gear.

With a snug fit, comfortable padding, and practical design, these shorts truly elevate the triathlon experience. In essence, they’re a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by those in search of the ultimate performance gear.

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