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The 4 Best Men’s Triathlon Tops In 2024

We’ve put these tops through rigorous testing, so you don’t have to worry. Our mission is straightforward – to offer you a comprehensive analysis of each top’s features, giving you the insights needed to make an informed choice. Follow us as we navigate the realm of triathlon tops, equipping you with the essential details for optimal performance and comfort.


  1. MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Top
  2. Zoot Men’s Core Tri Tank
  3. SLS3 Tri Top
  4. SLS3 Mens Triathlon Top

The Best Men’s Triathlon Tops

#1 MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Top

I’ve tested this MY KILOMETRE Triathlon top considerably over the past few months, and it’s been a fantastic addition to my gear collection. The fit is truly on point – it wraps comfortably around my body, allowing me to move freely without any restrictions. The top stayed in place during my rigorous training sessions, giving me the confidence to focus on my performance. Besides that, the addition of pockets is a game-changer. I can easily store energy gels and small essentials, eliminating the need for extra gear.

However, no product is without its minor drawbacks, and the MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Top has a couple worth mentioning.

In my tests, the pockets’ stitching seemed a tad delicate. While it held up during most of my sessions, I’m concerned about its long-term durability, considering the wear and tear triathlon gear typically goes through. Additionally, the color options are limited, which may not suit everyone’s preferences. Nevertheless, these are relatively minor concerns considering the overall performance and functionality of the top.

#2 Zoot Men’s Core Tri Tank

I’ve been wearing the Zoot Men’s Core Tri Tank for a good while now, and I want to share my thoughts with you. It’s been a mix of excellent stuff and a few small things to consider.

One thing that’s cool is the mesh back. It’s way better at keeping me cool than other tanks I’ve worn. The pockets at the back are roomy, which is handy for keeping my stuff during races. But, there’s a small catch – some folks mentioned that it might not be the best for moving through the air smoothly. Also, the bottom part doesn’t have that rubber thing that holds it in place, so sometimes it rides up a bit when it’s windy.

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff. I’ve found the big pockets at the back super helpful, making it easy to grab my stuff during transitions. The tank’s design and how it fits are charming. It’s comfy even during those long sessions. Some folks said the pockets felt a bit floppy while running, but I figured out a quick fix for that. Overall, the tank feels like the quality Zoot is known for – excellent for longer races and fast pit stops.

#3 SLS3 Tri Top

I’ve tested the SLS3 Tri Top Men Short Sleeve, and now I’m here to share my personal review. After using it for a few months, here’s what I’ve found – the good and the not-so-good.

First off, the fit is really comfortable. It kept me cool, especially when I was biking, and the sleeves fit snugly, which was great for me as a diabetic needing protection for my sensor.

But there’s a little room for improvement. The back pockets, though roomy, can let things slip out while running, which is a hassle. And it would be better if the central part of the top was tighter to reduce drag.

Overall, I’ve had a positive experience with the SLS3 Tri Top. It’s comfy, especially the sleeves, and the light material is suitable for different activities. While the pockets and fit could be better, it’s still a good choice for triathletes tackling longer distances.

#4 SLS3 Mens Triathlon Top 

After putting the SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Top to the test, I’m here to share my firsthand experience with this gear. After using it extensively, I’ve gained insights into its positive aspects and identified areas for potential improvement.

Let’s start with the fit – I found it comfortably snug, offering a relaxed yet functional feel. For reference, I typically wear medium-sized shirts and t-shirts, but I chose a Large for this top to strike the right balance. The arm cutout provided some excellent venting, a relief during those intense workouts. However, it might not meet the mark for those looking for a super snug fit. Plus, it didn’t compress me too much like some other options I’ve tried.

Quality-wise, I can attest that the SLS3 Triathlon Top held its own during a full Ironman race. From swimming in the rain to running in humid conditions, this top performed well without chafing or tearing issues. The lightweight and breathable material kept me calm, and the entire zipper front proved handy for quick changes, especially when wet. There’s one caveat, though – the back pockets lack top “flaps” and drain holes, potentially affecting drag if swimming without a suit.

How to Choose the Right Men’s Triathlon Tops

I’ll walk you through the important aspects to remember as you select the best men’s triathlon top tailored to your needs.

Fit and Comfort: The most important aspect of any triathlon top is how well it fits and how comfortable it feels during each leg of the race. Opt for a top that offers a snug yet not overly tight fit to reduce drag in the water and on the bike. Look for tops with features like flatlock seams to minimize chafing and irritation during prolonged activity. Comfortable armholes and shoulder straps are crucial to ensure unrestricted movement, especially during the swim and run.

Material and Breathability: The fabric selection has a big impact on how efficiently the top wicks perspiration away from the body and allows for airflow. Seek out tops made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep sweat away from your skin. A breathable fabric prevents overheating and allows quick drying, which is essential for staying comfortable throughout the race, even in changing weather conditions.

Versatility and Storage: Consider how versatile the triathlon top is in terms of storage options. Pockets at the back can be incredibly useful for stashing energy gels, nutrition, or small essentials. Look for tops with pockets that have secure closures or flaps to prevent items from falling out during the race. However, be cautious of pockets that may create drag in the water or add discomfort during the run.

Aerodynamics and Design: Aerodynamics play a significant role in triathlon performance, especially during the cycling leg. Choose a top with a sleek and streamlined design that minimizes air resistance. Look for features like a full-length zipper for quick ventilation adjustments and a form-fitting cut that reduces drag. Reflective elements can enhance visibility, particularly during low-light conditions, ensuring safety during training sessions or races.

Sizing and Personal Preference: Finding the right size is crucial for comfort and performance.  Keep in mind that personal preference plays a role, too. Some triathletes prefer a tighter fit for improved aerodynamics, while others prioritise comfort and flexibility.

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