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Best Sleeveless Triathlon Suits For Women in 2024

The Triathlon outfits matter for pros and beginners alike. At TriathlonHealth, we get it. We’ve personally put these suits through their paces, so you can skip the worry and focus on your performance. Let’s gear up and dive right in!


  1. Sparx Women Triathlon Suit ($49.99)
  2. Sparx Women Triathlon Suit ($39.99)
  3. Women’s Triathlon-Suit ($53.69)
  4. SLS3 Triathlon Suit for Women ($99.99)

The Best Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit for Women

#1 Sparx Women Triathlon Suit

Having tried out the Sparx Women Triathlon Suit, here’s my take:

When I first put on the medium-sized green suit, I faced an unexpected challenge—it turned out to be see-through. I had to sew in “covers” to fix this, which looked a bit odd. So, remember to choose a darker color to avoid this. Despite this, the suit proved comfortable and dried quickly during my triathlons.

The suit’s fit was good, but it didn’t provide full nipple coverage. I wore a sports bra underneath for added support. The suit’s back pockets were handy, though it lacked proper boob support. Also, the foam padding between the legs hurt, so I took it out. Hope it doesn’t harm durability.

In the end, the Black Sparx Women Triathlon Suit has its ups and downs. It’s comfy, dries fast, and has functional pockets, but there are nipple coverage and padding issues. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and light option, it’s worth considering with a few adjustments.

#2 Sparx Women Triathlon Suit

When I ordered the Sparx Women Triathlon suit in an X-Large size and Black/Violet color, I noticed that threads were coming out, suggesting a potential issue with the quality of construction. However, I found that the fit was quite good, especially for someone with a larger build. 

The suit had no padding, so I wore a bathing suit top underneath. During the swim and bike portions of my triathlon, the suit performed well, with the shorts staying in place. I even unzipped the top half during the bike leg to cool off. However, I got a rash under my arms. Not sure if the suit or top caused it. Overall, it proved to be a suitable option considering its price.

Loved the fit and color, but found a hole by the zipper’s end. This was disappointing, as the olive color and non-see-through fabric were definite positives. While the padding was lacking, I appreciated the roomy back pockets for storing nutrition during the race. On a more negative note, I came across a review that mentioned seam issues and insufficient padding, which was concerning. It’s worth noting the leg bands were wide. Moreover, the suit lacked support and quality for serious training or racing.

#3 Women’s Triathlon-Suit

As a passionate triathlete, I’ve delved into a range of gear to enhance my performance, and this Women’s Triathlon-Suit was no exception. Curious to explore its potential, I embarked on a journey to test its features during my training sessions and actual races. In this review, I’ll share my firsthand experience and insights, highlighting both the strengths and areas that warrant consideration. So, let’s dive into my findings and discover if this suit lives up to its promises.

The suit proved to be a reliable companion during my training and actual triathlon. There was zero riding up on my legs. I also experienced no chaffing, which made a huge difference in my comfort. The chamois inside provided just the right amount of padding for the bike leg. I noticed a little rash under my arms after prolonged use. But I couldn’t determine whether it was due to the suit or the underlayer. Quality was unexpectedly good for the price, perfect for a beginner like me not looking to overspend on a tri-suit.

One minor issue I encountered was the occasional sticking of the zipper at the bottom. However, a gentle pull quickly resolved this. The suit has held up well through my training program and race day. I’m confident it will serve me well in future races too. The only extra layer I added was a sports bra for added support. Valuing good deals, I assure you, this wetsuit is a great pick for beginners and those seeking budget-friendly functionality. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend it to fellow triathletes.

#4 SLS3 Triathlon Suit for Women

In my pursuit of the perfect triathlon gear, I’ve thoroughly examined the SLS3 Triathlon Suit for Women – a versatile option promising both style and functionality. Having taken this suit through countless training sessions and races, I’m excited to share my insights on its performance and features.

Embracing the world of triathlons with this suit was a decision I don’t regret. The design lives up to the picture, showcasing an appealing aesthetic. Slippery fabric isn’t an issue, allowing smooth movement and efficient transitions between swim, bike, and run. With its snug fit, I found the suit comfortable and well-sized, giving me the confidence to tackle different distances. Yet, the lack of a shelf bra could pose a drawback, especially for those wanting more support.

The SLS3 Triathlon Suit offers a reliable option for beginners embarking on their triathlon journey. The sizing aligns well with the chart and minor material concerns didn’t affect comfort or movement. The slim athletic fit allowed me to focus on performance rather than adjusting my gear. However, for those with a longer torso or a preference for added support, this suit might fall slightly short of expectations. A tip that I’d share is to consider pairing it with a supportive undergarment to enhance the overall experience.

How to Choose the Right Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit For Women

I have outlined the key factors for choosing the right sleeveless women’s triathlon wetsuit:

Fit and Comfort: The fit of your wetsuit is paramount. A good wetsuit is snug but not restrictive, enabling full arm and shoulder movement. Look for a design that ensures flexibility and minimal chafing. When trying on a wetsuit, pay attention to how it conforms to your body shape and contours. Comfort matters for the swim; a well-fitting wetsuit reduces drag and boosts swim performance.

Material and Buoyancy: The material of the wetsuit plays a pivotal role in buoyancy. Opt for a wetsuit that offers the right balance between buoyancy and flexibility. High-quality neoprene is a popular choice as it provides insulation and buoyancy while allowing freedom of movement. Think about the neoprene thickness in different areas of the wetsuit.

Range of Motion: Triathlons involve a variety of movements, from swimming and cycling to running. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a wetsuit that doesn’t hinder your mobility during transitions. Seek out a wetsuit that boasts strategic paneling and construction, ensuring ease of movement.

Zipper: The zipper and how you put it on the wetsuit can affect how comfortable you are during the race. A front zipper or a well-designed rear zipper can make getting into and out of the wetsuit a breeze. Additionally, a quality zipper closure helps prevent water from entering the suit, maintaining warmth and reducing drag.

Reviews and Recommendations: When making your final decision, take advantage of online reviews and seek recommendations from fellow triathletes. Real-life experiences from others can provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of different wetsuit options.

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