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The best Triathlon Saddles in 2024

Discover the best triathlon saddles designed for optimum performance and comfort during your race. Find the perfect fit for your bike and riding style in our comprehensive review.

Pro Stealth Road Bicycle Saddle

I’ve tested MANY saddles during my Ironman training. The Pro Stealth Saddle was one of the most comfortable, even though it doesn’t look like it.

In my opinion, the Pro Stealth Road Bicycle Saddle (Black – 152mm) is a great option for performance-oriented road cyclists and triathletes. This saddle is lightweight, affordable, and comfortable enough for long rides. It has a fairly long shape with a large mid-cutout and wide measurements down to the nose, which suits an array of riding positions. The downturned wings on the outside of the saddle and medium-slippery surface also contribute to its comfort.

However, it may not be the best option for those who prefer to sit on the front of their saddle, as the large cutout nearly runs the length of the saddle, but doesn’t continue through the nose. Additionally, the saddle may feel harsh for those who are not accustomed to its relatively dense surface and less padding.

Overall, the Pro Stealth saddle seems well-built and has received positive reviews from users who find it provides ample support and stability to their pelvis. Some users have reported that it is their go-to saddle, while others didn’t find it suitable for their needs. It’s worth noting that the saddle has been designed for performance over comfort, making it a great mid-priced option for those who prioritize performance in their rides.

The Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance

extremely comfortable. If you have problems with comfort, and you’re doing 70.3 or Ironmans. This is the best choice for you.

The Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance TM saddle is a popular option among long-distance cyclists due to its combination of comfort, technology, and competitive pricing. The saddle features an elongated SuperFlow cutout that relieves perineal pressure, reducing numbness and pain during longer rides. Additionally, it has a gel layer that adds comfort to the “soft tissue” areas and a thin layer of silicone gel to absorb road vibrations.

The saddle is lightweight, thanks to its Duro-Tek cover material, which provides durability at a low weight. It is available in two sizes and weighs between 306-310g. The saddle is designed for both road and off-road use and can be installed on almost any bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes. It has 7mm high-strength and flexible manganese tube rails for easy installation.

Customers have praised the Novus Superflow Endurance TM saddle for its comfort during endurance rides, with some riders experiencing a significant improvement in comfort compared to their previous saddles. However, it is important to note that saddle preferences can be highly individual, and what works for one person may not be the best choice for another. Proper adjustment and finding the right fit are essential in ensuring the saddle is comfortable for each rider.

Selle Italia SLR TM Superflow

Overall, I would recommend the Selle Italia SLR TM Superflow to anyone looking for a comfortable and high-performance saddle.

Based on the customer reviews, the Selle Italia SLR TM Superflow is a popular choice amongst cyclists for its comfort and performance. In my opinion, this saddle appears to be a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable saddle for their road bike or MTB. Users have reported that the saddle relieves pressure on the ischial tuberosities and minimizes numbness, which is crucial for long rides. The saddle also comes with a synthetic material called Duro-Tek, which is durable and easy to clean. The 131mm width is perfect for those with narrow sit-bones, but there are also wider options available for those who need it. Although some users reported creaking noise, the saddle still received high ratings from the majority of users

ISM PR 3.0 Bike Seat with Foam and Gel Padding

n my opinion, the ISM PR 3.0 Bike Seat with Foam and Gel Padding seems to be a good option for those who are looking for a comfortable seat that protects sensitive areas during long rides. Many users have found it effective in reducing numbness and pressure on their private parts. However, some users experienced discomfort in their tailbone area and wished for more cushioning. The seat may be a bit expensive, but it appears to be worth the investment for the comfort it provides. It’s important to note that finding the perfect seat position might take some time and adjustments.

The ISM PR 3.0 Bike Seat with Foam and Gel Padding has received mostly positive reviews from customers. Many users found it comfortable, especially for protecting their sensitive areas during long rides. They reported reduced numbness and pressure on their private parts. Some users, however, experienced discomfort in their tailbone area and wished for more cushioning. A few customers also mentioned that the seat was expensive but still worth it for the comfort it provided. Most users recommend the ISM PR 3.0 Bike Seat, though it might take some time to adjust the seat position to find the perfect fit.

VELMIA Bike seat

The best reviewed Bike seat at Amazon. A great choice for any beginner on a budget. It’s not made for performance or advanced triathletes.

In my opinion, the Velmia bike seat is a reliable and comfortable option for cyclists. It features a standard size seat clamp for mounting, making it compatible with both old-style and newer rail mounts. However, it does not come with a light or a post, and customers need to ensure they have a compatible bike seat stem for installation.

The seat itself is made of memory foam, providing comfort and support during rides. It has a wider back for leisurely upright riding and a tapered design for more aggressive stances. Customers have found that this seat works well for a variety of rides, including city biking, off-road trails, and long-distance cycling.

Easy to install and adjust, the Velmia bike seat is a great value for the money. The only minor drawback is that some users have found that they need to pay more attention to their sitting position to ensure maximum comfort. Overall, this seat is highly recommended for those looking to improve their cycling experience.

The Venzo Comfortable Bike Saddle

The cheapest triathlon saddle option.

The Venzo Comfortable Bike Bicycle Saddle Seat has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers across the globe. Users from the United States and Australia alike have praised the seat for its comfort, quality, and value for money. With ratings consistently at or above 4 stars, this saddle has proven to be a popular choice for cyclists seeking an upgrade to their bike seats.

Customers have highlighted the saddle’s comfort as a significant advantage, with many noticing a significant improvement in their riding experience after switching to the Venzo saddle. Some users have even reported that the saddle has alleviated saddle soreness during extended rides.

The Venzo saddle’s build quality and design have also been well-received. Users have praised the seat’s premium feel and durability, with several customers purchasing multiple saddles for different bikes. The various color options available have allowed users to find the perfect match for their bicycles, contributing to the saddle’s visual appeal.

One minor concern that a user mentioned was that the screws kept loosening, but this issue was resolved by applying a thread locker.

Overall, the Venzo Comfortable Bike Bicycle Saddle Seat has received glowing reviews from customers, making it a strong contender for those looking to upgrade their bike saddles for a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

The Wittkop saddle

beginner-friendly saddle with over +10000 positive reviews on Amazon. It’s not made specificly for triathlon, but a great option if you’re just getting started.

As a beginner cyclist, comfort is crucial, and the Wittkop Bike Seat does not disappoint. The medium foam padding provides a good balance between cushioning and support without being too bulky. Many users, including myself, have found the Wittkop Bike Seat significantly more comfortable than stock bike seats, making long rides more enjoyable.

The Wittkop Bike Seat is compatible with most standard seat posts, making installation a breeze. It took me just a few minutes to swap out my old seat and adjust the new one to my preferred position. The seat can be easily adjusted to suit different riding styles and personal preferences.

The Wittkop Bike Seat has proven to be an excellent choice for both casual and longer rides. The ergonomic design and padding have made a noticeable difference in comfort, allowing me to ride for extended periods without discomfort. The shock-absorbing springs also help to smooth out rough terrain, making it a suitable option for various types of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes.

As a beginner-friendly choice, the Wittkop Bike Seat stands out due to its affordability, ease of installation, and compatibility with a wide range of bikes. The seat’s design caters to cyclists of all levels, providing comfort and support without sacrificing performance.

In conclusion, the Wittkop Bike Seat is an excellent option for beginner cyclists and experienced riders alike. Its ergonomic design, comfort, and ease of installation make it a top choice for those looking to upgrade their stock bike seat. With the best and most ratings on Amazon, the Wittkop Bike Seat has proven to be a reliable and popular choice for cyclists seeking a comfortable and affordable bike seat.

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