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The 5 Best bike wheel bags for triathlon

From training to gear selection, every decision made by an athlete can significantly impact their performance. One such critical decision revolves around bike wheel bags. Picking the best bike wheel bags for triathlon is a task that demands careful consideration and insight. This blog post aims to guide you through this process, highlighting key factors and providing answers to frequently asked questions.

The Best Bike Wheel Bags

Short overview:

  1. TRIWONDER Soft Bike Bicycle Wheel Bag
  2. EVOC Road Bike Wheel Bags
  3. CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Double Wheel Bag
  4. VeloChampion Waterproof Bicycle Wheel

TRIWONDER Soft Bike Bicycle Wheel Bag

As a triathlete, I’ve found these wheel bags to be an absolute essential for my gear. They’re a perfect fit for my triathlon wheels, providing excellent protection and making transportation a breeze. The bags are well constructed and offer a level of durability that gives me peace of mind when I’m on the move.

One of the standout features of these bags is their design. The reinforced hub areas on the outside and the divider on the inside are particularly impressive, offering excellent protection for brake disks. This attention to detail makes these bags more than just a storage solution – they’re a comprehensive wheel protection system.

However, it’s important to note that these bags are not padded. This was a surprise at first, but it’s not a deal-breaker. The lack of padding is less of a concern for me as I’m more worried about preventing scratches from direct contact, which these bags do effectively.

One minor issue I’ve encountered is with the durability of the nylon handles. One of mine broke at the seam, despite never really using the handle to carry the tire. I wish the bags were a bit more robust in this regard. Also, I would have preferred the bags to be a bit larger. However, these are minor issues and do not detract from the overall value and functionality of the bags.

In conclusion, these wheel bags have exceeded my expectations. They offer good quality construction at an affordable price. They’re a great investment for any serious triathlete, and I highly recommend them.

EVOC Road Bike Wheel Bags

The EVOC Bicycle Wheel Bag has been a fantastic addition to my cycling gear. It’s perfect for storing a second pair of 700c gravel wheels, eliminating the clanking around in the garage or the car. The bag is well made and offers good protection, which is a significant step up from some bags that are nothing more than dust covers. The reinforced hub areas on the outside and the divider on the inside are particularly impressive, offering excellent protection for brake disks.

What sets this bag apart is its attention to detail. The internal zippered pouch for tools and skewers is a thoughtful addition, as is the protective shield for your cassette and disc rotors. These features make the bag not just a storage solution, but a comprehensive wheel protection system. The bag may seem a bit pricey at first, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The bag delivers exactly as expected, offering great protection for wheels, especially around the center hubs. It’s a perfect fit to go along with the EVOC bicycle case. However, it’s worth noting that the fit is quite snug. I have a mullet set up, and my wheels fit snugly. I imagine you could fit two 29ers with 2.3 tires, but I’m not sure how much wider tires you could fit in.

In conclusion, the EVOC Bicycle Wheel Bag is a well-designed, robust wheel bag that’s perfect for wheels up to and including MTB 29er size. It’s not cheap, but its quality and design make it a worthwhile investment for any serious cyclist.

CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Double Wheel Bag

The build quality of the bike bag is impressive, and it’s incredibly easy to use. I have a Cannondale 29er Trail 2SL and a second pair of 700cc wheels with narrower tires for gravel/road use. This bag accommodates them perfectly, though the fit for the 29″ MTB wheels is snug, but they do fit!

They also fit all of my triathlon wheels.

The bag is spacious, capable of holding 27.5 MTB wheels with knobby tires very easily. There’s even room for 29ers or 700c road wheels. The liner inside that separates the two wheels is fairly flimsy, which I initially found disappointing. However, after adjusting the insert, it works well to separate the two wheels. Despite its size, the bag is easy to store when not in use – just fold it up.

VeloChampion Waterproof Bicycle Wheel

I haven’t tried this wheel bag myself. However, they are the cheapest option on the market. Therefore i analyzed the Amazon reviews:

Customer reviews and ratings indicate that this product has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 393 global ratings. The majority of customers (67%) have given it a 5-star rating, praising its practicality for carrying carbon rims. Additionally, 22% of customers have awarded it 4 stars, appreciating its usefulness for storing and transporting wheels. Some users (4%) rated it 3 stars, mentioning issues with sizing and limitations for larger tires. The remaining 3% and 4% of customers have given it 2 and 1-star ratings, respectively, expressing concerns about its limited size and difficulties with the zippers.

Despite some sizing concerns, the product appears to be a good value for the price, offering decent quality and water-resistant material. Users recommend it for protecting wheels during light travel. The bags are suitable for standard 700cc and smaller tires but may not accommodate larger ones comfortably. The addition of inner reinforcement at the centers could improve the product further. Overall, customers find it to be a practical and satisfactory purchase for the purpose of wheel storage and protection.

The Indispensable Role of Bike Wheel Bags in Triathlon

Bike wheel bags serve an indispensable role in a triathlete’s journey. These specifically designed bags safeguard your bike’s wheels, one of the most critical components of your equipment set. They ensure your wheels remain in top condition, free from any potential transit-related damage.

Moreover, the best bike wheel bags for triathlon provide a compact and organized solution for wheel storage and transportation. Losing a piece of equipment or spending excessive time locating it can cost you dearly during a race, making these bags a significant part of your triathlon strategy.

Characteristics of the Best Bike Wheel Bags

When scouting the market for the best bike wheel bags for triathlon, several key characteristics should guide your decision. Durability, size, and design are amongst these crucial features.

Durability: The Material Matters

The material of the bike wheel bag is paramount to its longevity and ability to protect your wheels. Bags designed with water and tear-resistant fabric provide optimal durability, safeguarding your wheels from potential weather-related damages and the wear and tear of regular usage.

Size and Compatibility: The Perfect Fit

Bike wheel bag size and compatibility largely depend on your wheel size. The best bike wheel bags for triathlon should offer enough space for your wheels without being excessively bulky. A well-fitted bag will minimize unnecessary wheel movement, ensuring further protection.

Design: Comfort and Convenience

The design of the bike wheel bag is another critical factor to consider. Bags with comfortable carrying handles or shoulder straps make the task of wheel transportation effortless. Additional features like compartments for smaller items such as quick release skewers can significantly enhance convenience.

Maintaining Your Bike Wheel Bag

Maintaining your bike wheel bag in top condition is essential to ensure its longevity. Regular cleaning, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, can prevent dirt buildup and potential damage. It’s also crucial to inspect the bag periodically for any signs of wear and tear.

Alternatives to Bike Wheel Bags

While bike wheel bags are a popular choice amongst triathletes, there exist other methods of wheel transportation and protection. Hardshell cases offer enhanced protection, while wheel-specific backpacks provide added convenience for those needing to transport their gear over longer distances.

FAQ Section

Are Bike Wheel Bags Necessary for Triathlons?

Bike wheel bags provide a compact and organized solution for wheel storage and protection, making them an essential gear item for most triathletes.

Which Material is Best for Bike Wheel Bags?

Materials that offer water and tear resistance provide the best protection and durability for bike wheel bags.

How Do I Maintain My Bike Wheel Bag?

Regular cleaning and periodic inspection for any signs of wear and tear will help maintain your bike wheel bag’s condition and longevity.


Choosing the best bike wheel bags for triathlon goes beyond mere shopping. It’s a crucial aspect of your triathlon preparation, contributing to an efficient, stress-free experience. From considering factors such as material, size, and design to maintaining your bag and exploring alternatives, each step brings you closer to a more seamless triathlon journey.

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