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Athlete Breakdown: Who is Gustav Iden?

Gustav Iden is a Norwegian professional triathlete. He is a two-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion and he is one of the superstars putting Norway on the triathlon map. He is known for winning the 70.3 World Championship victories back in 2019 in Nice and back in 2021 in St. George. And then in October, 2022, he chose to chase down long-time leader, Sam Laidlow, to win the Ironman World Championship in a record-breaking time.

Gustav Iden’s Triathlon Career

Gustav Iden’s huge achievements in Ironman 70.3 World Championship both in 2019 and 2021 but also the huge achievement back in 2022 with a win in Ironman World Championship with a record-breaking time, lead him to the top of the elite. An elite where he is part of the “Gold Generation” of Norwegians which include Kristian Blummenfelt and Casper Stornes.

Iden really cemented his elite reputation back in 2018. Back then, he won World Cup wins at Weihai and Lausanne. It was the first time people took notice of Gustav Iden and all his dominant abilities in running and in cycling. It was in the same year that Iden also became a part of the World Triathlon Bermuda podium when he finished third behind his Norwegian colleagues, Stornes and Blummenfelt.

Before the big gold medal at the 70.3 World Championship victory in 2019 in Nice, Gustav Iden also won a bronze medal at the World Triathlon Bermuda. In December, 2020, Gustav Iden attended the Inaugural PTO Championship in Daytona where he once again showed off his superior abilities as he coasted to a historic win. But that was not enough for the young Iden. He then showed off his abilities in running and cycling once again in 2021 and easily won the race, the Inaugural Collins Cup in Samorin. In the same year, he won another big gold medal in St. George at the 70.3 World Championship.

Here are some of the biggest achievements during Gustav Iden’s career:

2018World Triathlon BermudaBermuda3rd
201970.3 World ChampionshipNice, France1st
2019World Triathlon BermudaBermuda3rd
2020Inaugural PTO Championship in DaytonaDaytona, USA1st
2021Inaugural Collins CupSamorin, Slovakia1st
202170.3 World ChampionshipSt. George1st
2022Ironman HawaiiKona, Hawaii1st
Tabel: Biggest achievements for Gustav Iden

Gustav Iden’s win at Ironman Hawaii, Kona

If you thought that Gustav Iden’s career could not be more successful, you have to think twice. Gustav Iden did not only win different Ironman World Championships and the Ironman Hawaii competition against other famous triathletes such as Max Neumann, Kristian Blummenfelt, Joe Skipper, Sam Laidlow, etc. He did also manage to rip up the record books and become the Ironman World Champion in the fastest time ever recorded at Ironman Hawaii. The Norwegian triathlete superstar finished in  7:40:24 to smash Jan Frodeno’s record in 7:40:24. He is now the second Norwegian to win the men’s world title and the first to do so in Kona.

With approximately 8 miles to go to the finish line, Gustav Iden broke away from his training partner, Kristian Blummenfelt, and Iden caught longtime leader Sam Laidlow within 4 miles of the finish. Iden really showed off his amazing abilities in the high Hawaiian temperatures when it all mattered.

According to Gustav Iden himself, it was a difficult ironman competition: “That was so freakin’ hard,” Iden said. “The last 10K, I was worried about the legend of the island killing me. … The island really, really tried to put me down, but I think my heart must be stronger than the legend of the island. That was so, so epic.”

Gustav Iden as a young athlete

Gustav Iden grew up dreaming of being a professional cyclist. He was influenced by his father, who back then was the head coach of the local youth cycle team. He was also inspired to be a professional cyclist by his brother and sister who were a part of the local youth cycle team long before Iden himself. Meanwhile, Iden was also focused on being the best at running and gave it all to be the best at both cycling and running. It all went really fast when he became part of Norway’s Junior National Team. However, it was first when Iden was a part of Norway’s Triathlon Program that he started being interested in swimming.

As a young athlete in 2014-2015 (18-19 years old), Gustav Iden won his first ever national titles in both triathlon and duathlon before he finished seventh in the 2015 Junior World Championship in Chicago, USA. After two years, he then entered the elite category in 2017 where he also won his first event, Karlovy Vary ITU World Cup in Czech Republic.

Nowadays, Iden is known for being the youngest ever to win the 70.3 World Championship when he won it at the age of 23 years old. And even before that win, he ended up in third place in the World Triathlon Bermuda in 2018.

Picture: Gustav Iden is training for his competitions

How old is Gustav Iden?

Gustav Iden was born on the 1st of May, 1996, in Norway, making him 26 years old.

How tall is Gustav Iden?

Gustav Iden is 5’10“ feet (177 cm) and weighs approximately around 150 pounds (68 kg).

Who is Gustav Iden sponsored by?

Gustav Iden has a variety of different sponsorships and global companies that he helps develop products, make marketing campaigns, etc. These sponsorships and global companies are:

  • Giant: A company that was founded back in 1972, Taiwan, by King Liu. Giant is one of the world’s leading bicycle and cycling product manufacturer, designing, building and distributing road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, etc.
  • Cadex: In 2019 Giant launched their sister brand, Cadex, which also made a sponsorship with the Norwegian professional triathlete, Gustav Iden. Cadex products cover a wide spectrum of different products from wheel systems to tires and saddles.
  • On Running: This brand is known for being one of the world’s leading athletic shoe and sportswear company which is based in Switzerland. Gustav Iden used some of the products when he won the 2022 Ironman World Championships.
  • Zwift: Zwift is known for their specialities and the home training app connecting cyclists and runners around the world. Zwift pairs your bike with training equipment to create a realistic ride.
  • Supersapiens: Supersapiens is known for their Supersapiens app that helps you to unlock first-of-its-kind insights into athletic fueling. As an athlete you can make better decisions of fueling to help you achieve your biggest goals.
  • Santini SMS: It is an Italian cycling and triathlon clothing brand founded by Pietro Santini in Lallio, Italy, in 1965. Santini SMS is partnering with many world leading triathletes and athletes – including Gustav Iden.
  • Shimano: It is a brand that is the world’s largest bicycle component company and was founded back in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano. The company sells components such as drivetrains, brakes, wheels, pedals, etc. for road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes and hybrid bikes.
  • Maurten: Maurten is also partnering with Gustav Iden and is a nutrition brand producing a wide range of different products for endurance athletes and triathletes.
  • 100%: It is a sportswear and lifestyle brand that produces performance eyewear and was founded back in 1982 in San Diego, USA. Designed and tested in the USA, produced in Italy and the lenses are from France.
  • Deboer Wetsuits: The brand is known for only working with the best craftsmen around the world using the finest quality to produce the best and latest technology such as wetsuits and speedsuits that elevate performance, maximize body heat, increase sustainability, etc.
  • Hep: Hep is specialist in solar investments & photovoltaic projects in Europe, USA and Asia.

What’s up in the future for Gustav Iden?

As in 2022, Gustav Iden is still a relatively young athlete (26 years old) with many more years to come. Iden has the world at his feet as he looks like one that doesn’t have any intention to stop. His next big goal for the future is, according to himself, that he is seeking for another long-course competition and of course another Olympic race at Paris in 2024

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